Chapter 1 - 2017 Top Ten Gay Romance

“Oh! I didn’t mean you should—”

His one-shouldered shrug cut me off. “No big deal. I can deadlift more than you weigh. This is nothing.”

That huge grin again. Did he ever stop smiling? I wasn’t likely to find out, but I was more than happy to bask in it while I could. I dropped my gaze as I slid my foot into the forgotten shoe, then started the trek up the stairs. My savior kept pace easily up the next three flights and wasn’t even winded when we reached the top floor.

“The penthouse floor. Nice! I should have guessed a pretty man like you would have nothing but the best.”

I squinted again. Was that an insult? Or did he actually think I was pretty? I couldn’t tell. He seemed earnest enough, but I’d been burned too many times to trust someone right now. Especially a man. Especially if he knew who I was. My gut reaction was to go on the defensive, but I bit my tongue as I pushed open the door. I hadn’t gotten as far as I had by making rash decisions. And though my track record with men wasn’t the best, I was much more practical with business. I knew when to keep my mouth shut.

The top floor had two penthouse lofts, one on either side of the hall. Mine was the larger, facing the east so I could watch the sunrise, and didn’t have the elevator taking twenty feet of potential space. It was also the only one that was occupied. The building had been open for occupancy for only six months, and though the rest of the building was full, the second penthouse had yet to be leased.

“This is me.” I gestured to the double doors halfway down the hall on the left. I pulled my fob from my pocket and held it to the RFID reader beside the door. The light turned green, and I pushed open the door.

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