Chapter 0 - 10:10 (10 LIVES IN 10 DAYS)



"Has anyone received something from unknown email?"

My gaze from the group shifted to Maureen who just went here in coffee shop. I looked at her and waited for her to sit. The moment she sat down, Nicole gave her phone to her.

"Yeah, look." Maureen immediately grabbed it and her eyes widened upon seeing the email.

"Omg! You too!”

"Who else? Did you receive one too?" She asked as she looked at me.

I nodded as a response and handed her the phone. Each one of us received an attachment from an unknown email. We don’t know where this attachment from, we just don’t get it that why they chose our group. We don’t have any idea if we are the only group, but what we have known, the admin only allowed 10 members. It was written there that they only took 10 persons for 10 days. It's kinda weird since we didn't give our email to each other unless we have task in school that our emails needed. But we're a private persons, especially me. I am very a private person so I’m strict with giving information about me.

"Omg, I really thought you all are just fooling me around!" She blurted out, so we laughed. She looks so irritated yet cute.

"No way I will fool you," Ram smirked at her that made her cheeks red.

We did the ayiee for support. They are always like this. They love teasing each other as if they are lovers. But, she just gave him a death look.

"Ew," she rolled her eyes. "As if I care," she added.

What's new? Maureen is so mean and no one can take her attitude except us. She's the richest, no doubt why she's a spoiled brat. Everything she wants, she can have it. She’s literally the I-want-it-I-got-it person.

"Anyways, what's the plan?" Matthew broke the silence. While looking at him,I am mesmerized with this beauty. He has this jaw dropping look that you couldn’t take your eyes off, a breathtakingly charm that every man wishes for. He's the heartthrob, the dauntless and serious man in the group. He can take care of everything especially when it comes to decisions. Everyone is not against of him when he’s making a decision, because all of the plans he makes are successful. He never even have failures, so far.

Unlike me, I'm not good at making decisions. I’m only good at making things complicated.

"It’s only 10 days, right?" I suddenly asked when Matthew looked at me. Shocks, he shoot me with that look. Maybe he might think that I am thinking of him, argh. That’s so embarrassing if so.

"Yeah, and looks like it’s exciting." Nicole added. The lowkey girl in the group. She doesn't care about guys or everything. But she cares more when it comes to us. She has this boyish type aura. Indeed, her name Nicole doesn’t fit with her personality. Pft.

"OMG, yeah. Are you game?" Maureen excitedly asked. The CEO of OMG.

"It’s sem break, and I don't have any plans yet. I’m okay with this!" She added, still giggling.

"Whatever. As long as you guys there," Nicole replied without having an emotion in her eyes.

"Same, but I have something important to do. But it’s okay, it's just a woman," Don casually commented without taking his eyes off on the phone. Oh well, what do we expect? He's the baddest guy in the group. He has lots of girls! Swear! He lost the mother chicken for having so many chicks.

"Wow. We are woman, not JUST woman. There’s a big difference between it, watch your mouth," Nicole raised her brows while giving him a death look. Don scoffed after.

"Why, are you a woman? You’re not even one.”

"Ayown, foul!" Ram shouted that made us all laugh.

Everyone sees us as a perfect squad. Everyone wants to be part of the group. I admit, there is no ugly in the group. Or maybe have one, and it’s me. lol. Not also to brag, we're one of the famous group in campus. So, wonders that we all have our own talents and careers that everyone was looking forward to. Swear, I am the only different in the group for I don’t have any talents to offer.

"Wait, where that place is?” Maureen face-palmed upon hearing Eunice’s question. Anyways, Eunice is the slowest but the smartest. She’s a slowpoke. Sometimes, you can tell that she’s not with you because she is lost always. Too much of knowledge she has, she’s thinking out of the box. Though, she's creative because she thinks something that we couldn’t think. Take note, she's also as pretty as hell.

"Whatever, Eunice. Do some backread,” Ram joked that made us all laugh again. Ram is the clown in the group. Probably, our group will be boring without him. He is the reason why we have a beautiful day always. He loves making crazy stuff.

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