Chapter 0 - Personal Taste (I Just Want To Get Laid)

Location: Chicago Time:- 5:30pm


Gosh! I can't wait to get out of this office. Tomorrow is another day, I need to go enjoy myself.

A knock came on my door and I raised my head from my laptop.

"Come in," I said. The door throw open and my secretary walked inside my office.

"Good evening Miss Maxwell" she greet with her head bow.

"How are you doing darling?" I asked putting on a perfect smile.

"I'm good ma, here is the last file you need to sign," she said presenting a file to me.

I went through the file and put my signature to the places that need my signature.

"Can I go now?" She asked.

"Sure, but will you like to go to the club with me?" I asked.

"No ma, I'm not interested my boyfriend is outside waiting for me" she replied and I left out a smile.

"So you mean, you can't go with me because of your boyfriend?" I asked and she nod her head.

"Alright, you can go!" I said and she walked out of the house.

I'm very sure this is her first love. My door throws open again.

This time I don't need a soothsayer to tell me who just opened the door.

"Normalize barging into my office without knocking," I said and she rolled my eyes at me before sitting down on the chair opposite mine.

"What's the next thing?" She said and sat on the chair and cross her leg as if she owns my company

. "Clubbing!" I replied standing up from the chair.

"Let's go!" I said and picked up my bag from the table.

"Hey see those lovers," Brittany said pointing to my secretary Nadia, and I turned back to see Nadia kissing a guy. She quickly stopped the kîss when she saw me.

She rushed to my side and smiled at me. "Miss Maxwell that is my boyfriend," she said pointing to the guy she was making out with.

"Oh he doesn't look like a faithful guy" I replied.

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