Chapter 3 - Love or Hate (Christmas with the wolves 2)

"Are you ready?" Donald asked with a knowing grin.

Roxanne returned the expression, taking her proper stance.

The both of them stood within the ring, guided by the four corners of the small space. The wiring around the posts caged them in, and the comfy ground beneath them made their feet sink on slightly.

Geared with the training equipment, Roxanne focused on her mentor. He was also in his boxing gear. The head cushion, his boxing gloves, knee and elbow guard.

He also wore a soft plating on his body, same as Roxanne's.

"Let's get started already," Roxanne replied.

The coach let out a low chuckle. Even after such a short while, Roxanne's feistiness never ceased.

With no one else around to serve as a referee, Donald decided to make the opening call. Clearing his throat, he took his stance too, not willing to leave himself wide open after he just gave the signal for commencement.

"Three. Two. One… Begin!"

Immediately he said this, Roxanne lunged toward him in her usual style. Donald anticipated this move and smiled. Even after this time, her pattern was easy to read.

"She'll be going with… The Right hook!" He thought to himself, proceeding to guard himself by his flank.

"Heh" Roxanne gave a smug look.

Before Donald could make sense of her confident reaction, she bent her back and hinged her hand.

"Wha-! Oh shit!" Donald instantly recognized the move.

Removing his hands from his right flank, he proceeded to block his middle region which was partially left unguarded.


Using her elbow to hit his stomach, Roxanne lunged it at a rapid speed. Her attack pushed Donald backward since he wasn't able to defend on time.

"Gakk" He winced, taking a few steps back in recoil.

Donald quickly resumed his stance as he watched Roxanne approach him again, not giving him a chance to fully brace himself.


This time Roxanne swung her right hook, powerfully falling her hand as they lunged toward him.

Donald quickly ducked, bending his knees as he lowered his body. Roxanne's blow flew over his head and he could feel the rushing air brush through his hair.

Taking advantage of his position, Donald lunged for a counter strike, raising his powerful fist for a powerful uppercut as he drew closer to Roxanne.

Roxanne immediately brought her hands back and placed it with the other in an instant, blocking the blow her coach gave. Since it was all in a hurry, her defense was not sturdy enough, making her guard break as the first impacted her hands.

"Kueek" She winced, stepping back in recoil.

"You've gotten better, impressive. Here I was thinking you would have gotten rusty" Donald commented, rising back to his feet.

"Well… What can I say? I was made for this stuff!" Roxanne smiled.

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