Chapter 1 - Love or Hate (Christmas with the wolves 2)

Roxanne sighed to herself, still on her bed.

The room was dark, with only little radiation emanating from the window side. The ray of sunshine passed through the little slit that remained from the window's covering, causing little illumination to fill a portion of the room.

"It's morning already?" She muttered.

Smacking her lips, she removed the blankets which covered her body and proceeded to stand. Inserting her two feet into the flip floors by her bedside, Roxanne stood erect. She stretched her hands as she yawned, feeling more relieved as she did so.

The young girl slowly strutted to the bathroom in order to douse her face with water so she could feel more refreshed. She turned and gazed back on her bed. Roxanne was certainly still sleepy, but didn't want to return to her sad little dream which seemed to be appearing more often than she desired.

The painful memories of the past, a sad memorandum of what could have been…

"Shit, Roxanne. Don't start thinking about that now!" She snapped at herself, turning to face the bathroom.

"Ahhhhhh '' She moaned slightly as the water splashed on her face, dazzling across her skin. She could feel the cool trickle on her body as she gleaned brighter.

Suddenly feeling more alive, Roxanne decided to take her bath and freshen up, even though she knew she really didn't have a reason for doing so.

There was nowhere else to go anyway.

After freshening up, she left the bathroom, shutting the door behind her slightly. After cleaning her wet body with her towel, she proceeded to wear her undergarments.

"Urh, this is always the issue!" Roxanne gave a frustrated sigh, trying to hook the straps of her bra in one place.

She never had this problem before, that is, until she returned from her little excursion in the woods.

Since these were her old clothes, was she already outgoing them? She had difficulty with her braziers, and even her shirts felt a little tight on her chest area. Was she growing bigger?

She glanced at her breasts and cupped them with her hands.

"They look the same to me though…" She muttered.

After one final struggle, she was finally able to hook the bra, causing her to stiffen a bit as she felt the contraption on her chest tighten.

"Maybe I should do some shopping?"

That would be a good idea. If she was outgrowing her clothes, all she had to do was get new ones. She also had enough money to spare. Besides… It would take her mind off Asher.

"Let's go shopping then" Roxanne decided, heading to her wardrobe to pick the right outfit for the occasion.

[Moments Later]

Roxanne walked through the snowy path, trotting steadily on the sidewalk as she glanced around her. The buildings around her we're still filled with lights and decorations. People wearing their winter jackets walked together with friends, families… Lovers. They were enjoying the season.

After all, it was only a day to the new year.

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