Chapter 0 - Love Me in the Dark


Three years ago…

He's even more stunning. The tall, dark-haired in a tux was standing across the hall, conversing with the other invites before he looked around and caught me gawking. Heat rushed in a wave from my chest to my neck. My cheeks were burning. My heart was pounding as I watched him freeze, turned to stone before an older man caught his attention. I sighed in relief despite my heart still hammered in my chest. That was three hours ago.

Damn. My feet were throbbing. Thanks to my expertise in online purchasing. I would have enjoyed a soak in a bathtub with my cheap Pinot noir, but my HR diploma came in handy. Journey loved her job at the Cullen Art Catering, so I decided to take her place for tonight.

The venue that featured a 70-foot ceiling with a gigantic column balcony was just majestic. I was assigned in the cocktail area with my partner Colleen, a little bit chatty, keeping me entertained with the gossips of people she recognized.

"He doesn't look pleased with the party," Colleen sang.

The fundraising gala was doing great, aside from the fact that it was more tedious than I thought, but this event was to raise money for a cause, and I had to suck this up for a few more hours.

"And you call this a party? I mean, yeah, it is because there's a live auction, but no one seemed to appreciate the musical performance." I'd been watching these people and only one man who managed to top my boredom—him.

"Forget about live music. Just take a look at the eye candy over there." She was looking over my shoulder.

"Who is exactly the eye candy you are talking about?" I pretended to search for the eye candy even though I thought I may have an idea.

"Don't look," she rushed, pretending to inspect the table. "He's looking at you."

"Who's looking at me?" With wide eyes, I looked at Colleen.

"Not now," she whispered through greeted teeth.

"And you missed to mention him to me, why?"

Her hazel eyes widened into circles. "You don't know him?"

I squinted slightly. "Should I?"

"If a man could knock you up by a stare alone, damn, you are nine months pregnant, River," she casually said.

"I honestly don't know anyone," I admitted. "And besides, my only interest is saving Journey's job. So I'll stick with it."

"Ugh. You're no fun. But he's hot, isn't he?" She pushed the topic, which Journey warned me about her. We stepped back when the refill had arrived.

Yeah, like the hottest flame. "He's okay, I guess." I tried my best not to talk too much. We were briefed to avoid chitchatting, but here we were. We couldn't just help it.

Colleen threw me a where-the-freaking-part-of-this-universe-you-come-from look. "Are you crazy? You should have seen his brother," she whispered and straightened her back. "Poor Journey. She's been looking forward to this event."

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