As she was dressing up to leave that morning she suddenly held her stomach in pain but within few seconds the pain subsided.

"Are you okay...? Benny asked as he rushed to her

"It was just a little cramps... nothing serious.

Benny heaped a sigh of relief as he left her alone and said

"You insist that you want to help this client of yours knowing well that you should be at home resting and following all prescribed medication to avoid loopholes. Maybe this is a sign that you probably shouldn't go. Let another handle the case for the sake of your health honey..."

"I try to direct her to a different lawyer but she is head bent on me. Beside, she is just a young girl who needs a legal advice. Is nothing stressful darlin. She believes I can take care of her situation far better than any other person and let me satisfy that wish for her. I asked her to come back by 12noon today. Ever since last week she visited and I postponed the appointment for today she have not stop calling me. You know how much I hate to disappoint my client... young, old and new clients, I treat them all alike. I will be back before you know it. I'm happy that you are spending this week at home with me. I know how much this baby means to us... I'm almost passed the danger month. In two weeks time I will be 10weeks which is usually the danger period. God came through for us this time and he will take us to the very end when we will meet our little bundle of joy..."

Benny kissed his wife and asked her to be home early and she should cancel any other appointments because she won't be attending to any other case again untill she gives birth.

Dorcas nodded with a smile and assured him that she will do exactly that.

She picked up her car keys to leave. Benny asked if he can go and drop her in the office.

"Relax honey, I'm very alright and I can drive by myself.

Dorcas drove to her office and got there few minutes late.

Bianca was already waiting for her.

"My apologies for coming a bit late. Hope you haven't been waiting for long"?

Dorcas asked and Bianca replied "actually, I have been here almost an hour. You're not a "bit" late you're actually late. Maybe you didn't see my case serious enough to keep to time... I totally understand..." Bianca fumes

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