That morning, While Benny was knotting his tie he tried all he could to keep the conversation simple and short.

Dorcas, his dear wife was in her usual mood again that early morning, sitting on the bed with bible in hand.

She wasn't actually reading, she only opened a place and kept staring at it.

"... He can punish me with everything but not with this, not with this heavy laden he pulled on my shoulder... is too heavy. what else does he want that I haven't done..."

Benny shakes his head sadly as he turned to his wife

"Honey, please let's not go to that direction again this morning again. I have told you to stop beating yourself nonstop. Is not going to change anything until God decide is time..."

Dorcas sighed heavily and wiped off a tear " you are not really bothered. Is obvious you don't care. You have young beautiful women flocking around you day by day so is...

"... stop it, stop it right now..." Benny interrupted his wife.

"... why are you always doing this. We have tried so many things, followed every doctor's appointment and instructions, we have done everything within our power yet nothing worked out maybe is high time we leave it on God. Let him give us a child at his own appointed time. After all the bible said children are gift from the Lord... so let the Lord bless us with this gift at his own due time. Beside honey, you're my wife and I only got eye for you alone, we're together on this... You should trust me and stop being so imaginetive..."

Dorcas became quiet as she bent her face over the bible again.

"seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added on to you. It says every other thing will be given

when you seek first... We have done exactly that yet nothing..."

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