Chapter 10 - The Billionaire's Twins Play Matchmaker Novel by E.T. Watson

Julius sat at his desk slowly paging through the photo album his father gave him. He couldn’t stop staring at the images of Macey and the babies. Guilt gnawed at him every minute. He should have been there. Macey should never have gone through her pregnancy alone. He should have listened to her, paid attention. He hadn’t even known she wanted to go back to school.


He jerked to attention at his brother’s entreats. March watched him with concern. Ever since they left their father’s office Julius paged through the album over and over again. It was clear his brother’s thoughts were spiraling in guilt and regrets.

“I know what you’re thinking…but maybe this is a good thing.”

“How is this good?”

“You’ve been worried about Macey for six years not knowing what happened to her, if she was okay,” March said, “Now you know.”