Chapter 4 - Dr.Luna

“This is the most important room of the house, because I love food,” Kade said with a grin.

“I’m actually pretty hungry. You guys came and stole me away before I could eat my dinner.” Lilly looked at him with an accusing eye.

“So, you’re the future Luna?” A poisonous voice sounded from the doorway, walking over to them.

It was a girl with light brown hair and dark blue eyes. She came up and stood looking Lilly over. She was a few inches taller than Lilly but wasn’t as developed in the top and didn’t have a butt at all. She did have a very pretty face though.

“Jessica,” Kade said in a low warning.

“What? I just wanted to meet the alpha\'s mate. I think I deserve that.” Jessica spat at Kade.

“You see, I was engaged to Tyler and we were supposed to get married next week. Up until a few hours ago when he met you. Then he dropped me like yesterday\'s news.” Jessica’s voice dripped venom.

I’ll tear her apart. Kira growled at the vicious tone of the girl in front of them. Easy, Kira. Lilly tried to calm her wolf down.

“I’m very sorry to hear that, Jessica. I’m sure he hated hurting you.” Lilly tried to be nice and comforting in her tone.

“You don’t look like a leader. I don’t know how someone like you can be our luna.” Jessica huffed out, looking at the girl with distaste.

“Do not take my kindness for weakness. Or you will find out the difference in our abilities very quickly.” Lilly narrowed her eyes at Jessica. She wasn’t a push over and wasn’t going to be looked down on by her.

Kade stepped in front of Lilly and then looked down at Jessica. “This isn’t your home. I suggest you leave on your own, so I don’t have to throw you out.”

“You were never this protective over me, Kade.” Jessica looked up at him with hurt.

“I never liked you, Jessica, I hate the way you treat others, and when you thought you were going to be luna you purposely used your power to get your way.” Kade pointed towards the door. “Get out.”

Jessica sulked and walked back towards the door just as Tyler walked in. She immediately dove into Tyler’s arms and began sobbing. “They were both so mean to me, I just wanted to meet her.”

“Wow, one of those girls,” Lilly whispered to Kade.

“Yep.” Kade said tersely.

Tyler rubbed Jessica’s hair gently. He felt bad for her because just hours ago she found out they were no longer getting married. She was extremely upset and had begged him to reconsider.

“Kade, you know better. And Lilly, I expected more out of you.” Tyler spoke darkly to the two people in front of him.

Lilly looked up at Kade and scoffed. Kira was livid and was fighting Lilly for dominance. Kira, stop you’re hurting me, Lilly said as she took her hand to her head.

“You okay?” Kade asked, looking at her with concern.

Lilly chuckled. “My wolf is a loose cannon. She is just fighting for control. Don’t worry, I won’t let the psycho out. I think I’m going to go get a shower.” Lilly said as she spun around, not sparing Tyler a second glance.

“I thought you were hungry,” Kade called out to her.

“Not anymore.” Lilly said as she waltzed up the stairs. She was angry, but she was also still trying to fight for dominance over Kira. Kira was trying to force her way out and if she managed there would be bloodshed.

Lilly went to her room and shut the door. She couldn’t believe the situation just now. He didn’t even ask her what had happened, he just immediately took Jessica’s side. She walked into her bathroom and decided to try out the oversized tub. She turned the faucet on, filled the tub up with bubbles, and slid into its warmth. Kira, you need to quit fighting me, you’re going to hurt me. Ultimately, I am the one in charge here and you are being disrespectful. Lilly scolded Kira who whimpered sadly in response. Kira and Lilly were partners, but the human was the one in charge during both wolf and human form, unless the human allows their wolf to take over consciousness. Kira, being the rebel she was, would often fight for control over Lilly. This caused Lilly great pain and took a lot of effort for her to stay in control. There was a reason why Lilly did not have divine control over Kira. It was also the reason why Lilly and Kira could not quickly heal themselves if they were wounded.

As she soaked in the tub she stewed over Tyler. He expected more out of me?! He doesn’t even know me to know what to expect. He should be thankful Kira didn’t bite her head off. I was actually quite proud of myself for staying in control. The situation was sticky, and she knew Jessica had to be sour over it. She sighed, knowing that this problem was far from being over. There were probably mixed loyalties in the pack since Jessica was almost their luna. She sat there and wondered about Tyler’s feelings. He had to still have feelings for Jessica, he almost married her. She did not know why, but she suddenly felt hurt thinking he had feelings for another girl.

She stayed in the tub deep in thought, long enough for her skin to get all wrinkly before she finally pulled herself out. She looked around and realized she forgot to grab a towel. With a groan, she walked out of the bathroom and into her room to see Tyler sitting on the bed.

He stared at her with dark lustful eyes, not bothering to look away. Lilly didn’t bat an eye at the scene. She walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a towel. He had invaded her room, she had nothing to be embarrassed about. Though the red flush still crept up on her cheeks. She began to pat herself dry and she looked up at Tyler. “What do you want?” Her voice was icy, and it was enough to snap Tyler away from his lustful thoughts.

“I wanted to talk to you.” Tyler kept his eyes on the body in front of him. His eye color rapidly changing back and forth as he battled with his animal side.

“Look, I’m tired. You dragged me away from the only people who have ever cared about me and to this strange place. I don’t know anyone. And then you tell me you expected better out of me, when you don’t even know what happened in the first place. Do I want to talk to you? No. I want to just be left alone. That’s the way it works for me. So please just leave.” Lilly walked up to her bag and pulled out a big men’s t-shirt. It was a shirt that she stole from Mattie a while ago, but she kept it, bringing it with her now hoping his scent would help calm her.

Tyler instantly was at Lilly’s side and pulled the shirt from her. His eyes were dark and stormy, and he gritted his teeth as he spoke. “You aren’t going to wear the scent of another male.” It was as offensive as a man having the perfume of another woman on him.

He was so attentive with Jessica downstairs, and now, he was being completely inconsiderate with her and her feelings. How does he think she feels being in a strange place? “I thought it would help me sleep.” Lilly said defiantly.

Tyler pulled his shirt off over his head and pulled it down over Lilly. “My shirt will help you sleep too.” As he pulled the shirt down, he allowed his fingers to touch against her delicate skin.

Lilly stared at the perfection in front of her trying to ignore the flames he just ignited by touching her bare skin. She was trying to control herself, trying not to reach out and touch his chest. The scent of him near her, and on her, was filling her thoughts of only him. There was a small anticipation growing between the two of them, with the intimate setting of the situation.

“Hey Lilly, I brought you a sandwich.”