Chapter 10 - Dr.Luna

“Lilly…” Kade patted her head and he smiled down at her. “Everything is okay, little Tulip.”

Lilly relaxed and smiled at her goofy friend. She considered him a friend and he has proven that she could trust him. “Kira is keeping secrets from me… it’s frustrating.”

“I’m sure she will tell you when she is ready.” Kade reassured her. Your wolf would not purposely do anything to hurt you, since you are their vessel.

“She wants me to…” Lilly grabbed her necklace and then frowned. Her tie to her pack. By taking the necklace off it would sever it. Not that she had much of a relationship with them anyways. How would it affect things with Aaron and her father? And Mattie?

Tyler watched the two and felt jealous over the closeness they seemed to have developed. “When did you two become so close?”

“Probably during the time when you were m