Chapter 8 - Dr.Luna

Lilly leaned down and accepted a single rose from a little girl who came up to give it to the new pretty Luna. Lilly turned to look up at Tyler, but he seemed to be mind linking with someone. You could tell by the concentration and slight haze over his eyes. Lilly turned back and thanked the little girl who skipped off happily.

Kade walked up next to Lilly’s side and she had the sense he was there to take care of her. When she looked over to Tyler, she could tell that she had guessed right. He was looking down at her with apologetic eyes.

“Sorry Lilly, I need to take care of a couple things. I should not be too long. Kade will stay with you.” Tyler leaned in and kissed the top of Lilly’s head before he walked off.

The moment they parted, Lilly missed his familiar heat next to her body. She had been held next to his side all morning and it suddenly felt foreign wi