Chapter 7 - The Mysterious Luna

Jessica POV

I woke up still lying on the cold stone floor. I slowly opened my eyes, as I recalled where I was. The sun was shining in through the small window, letting me know that it was the next day.

As the sleepy haze started to leave my brain, the first thing I noticed, was that I wasn’t shivering anymore, I was still cold, but a manageable cold. I looked down and saw that a thick blanket had been draped over my body.

I wonder who brought me the blanket? Maybe the guard? One thing I’m sure of, the guy that came down yesterday and interrogated me, isn’t going to be happy that someone showed me kindness.

I sat up In my cell and leaned against the cold stone wall. I wrapped the blanket around my shoulders and hugged it tightly around my body.

My throat hurt from how dry it was, I was so thirsty and my stomach kept grumbling, reminding me that I hadn’t had food in almost two full days.

I let ou