Chapter 7 - Forsaken by my Mate

Nico’s POV

I was able to see her today. I also took my Beta, Jaden Wooten, with me. My Beta was a great fighter, and I had almost been caught the last time I was here, and as the patrols were in two-man groups it made more sense for me to bring him with, in case we had to fight our way back out. Jaden was 6’2” tall and was a big guy, he had blonde hair and blue eyes and he was even broader than I was. He works out a lot, and he is a quiet guy unless he is talking about something he really likes. It was a quick trip, and I do it a lot, as I need to see her. I was waiting for her to leave to go shopping or something, as Shelby does it daily, but Sabrina never left the packlands. So, I started coming onto their packland and watching the pool area, as I had overheard her talking after the Luna ceremony to another girl about her being excited that they had gotten a pool put in for the summer.

I have watched her a few times out there, and she is st