Chapter 4 - Forsaken by my Mate

Nico’s POV

My mate is in the room, I can smell her delicious scent. I saw her last night before she was taken away, and she never came back for me to speak to her. I sensed her as we were passing her to go to the dance floor. We were late coming to the ceremony as Shelby is always late for everything. She didn’t want to come to the ceremony anyway, as she cannot officially be my Luna, so she didn’t want to attend the Luna ceremony part of it. She cannot be marked as she is human, but for all intents and purposes, she is my Luna.

We have been together for over 3 years, and she knew about me being a werewolf. She was excited when she found out that I was a werewolf, and she really appreciates my body, and the stamina, that came with me being an Alpha wolf. My pack was suffering as it did not have money, when I became the Alpha, my dad had run it into the ground, and we were almost just a pack in name only. We were about to have to split up and go to other packs, as I couldn’t even afford to feed my people anymore. Werewolves go through a lot of food, and I didn’t have the funds to make it another month when my girlfriend Shelby volunteered to help me out. Her father has a lot of money, billions, and she has two successful businesses that he helped her get started and up and running. She has the CEOs run the businesses and she just hangs out with me at the packhouse. She had plenty of money on her own, as she has millions, and she loves to be with me, so it was a win/win for us both.

She saved my pack, the Golden Summit, and the only thing she wanted in return was to be my chosen Luna. She had some of the girls in the pack explain how the pack works to her, and I was 23 at the time, and I still hadn’t met my mate yet. I figured as I was 5 years past when I should have met her, that she was dead, or that I would just never meet her. I agreed and we signed a contract to that effect. She keeps the contract in the safe at one of her businesses, and I couldn’t get out of it if I wanted to. If I deny her the Luna position, I lose my pack. Her father and she will own it, and I will have to leave it with only the clothes on my back.

My family started that pack over 200 years ago. Everything was smooth until 5 years ago when my mother was killed in a car accident, and my dad slowly went mad from losing her. She would never have allowed me to sign that contract, she knew how valuable mates were, but my dad went broke trying to sue the man responsible. It was a local judge who had been drinking and driving when he hit my mother. He never saw a day of jail, and all the video from the dashcam and the police bodycams were gone, mysteriously. We all knew why it went away, but without proof of him being intoxicated, there was no proof, and it was thrown out of court. My dad lost all the pack funds trying to get justice for my mom. After all of it, he finally just broke into the judge’s home and killed the judge, as he didn’t have a wife, or loved one, for the judge to feel the same pain as my father felt. Dad took his own life then, and that was 4 years ago.

I didn’t really want to feel that kind of pain, as I knew that losing mom is what sent dad over the edge. I started dating just humans then, as I knew I couldn’t meet my mate that way. Finding Shelby was both good and bad. She really helped my pack out, and she loved me, in her own way. But she was really an appearance-driven person, and due to being a werewolf, we are generally very handsome and fit. She loves having sex with me, but she hasn’t been able to provide me an heir, for the pack to continue on. But now that problem is solved.

I kissed her on the dance floor as I could feel my mate watching us, and she needed to know that I already have a Luna. What I don’t have is a way to have a pup, or two. My little mate is an extremely attractive girl, and I would enjoy having pups with her.

Shelby and I stayed up after we had sex last night and discussed it. She doesn’t want me sleeping with my mate, she feels that with all she has learned about the mate bond. Shelby feels that it would be too dangerous for me and my mate to do it the old-fashioned way, and she wants to keep us apart. She wants me to talk my mate into IVF, to have my pups, that we could fertilize two or three eggs and that would let us have the heirs needed to pass the pack onto.

Shelby wants to raise them from babies, and tell them that she is their mom, she has it all planned out, and I already know from my mate walking away from me after I kissed Shelby, that she won’t be begging me to be her mate. She is the daughter of an Alpha, and my friend’s little sister apparently. She will not accept being second place, especially to a human. I am a little screwed here. After Shelby went to sleep, I stayed up as I could not sleep, and I could feel all the emotions my little mate was feeling. I could feel her anxiety and pain. I would have gone to her, but I knew I couldn’t get up to the Alpha floor without a keycard, I had already seen that in the elevator.

I thought I could just power through this, as I was able to just walk past her, and kiss another woman in front of her, but as I was having sex with Shelby, I remembered that after you find your mate, she can tell when you are unfaithful. She was hurting from this, and from the smile on Shelby’s face, she knew that too.

I never realized how mean Shelby was, but I learned a lot in the last 12 hours. She already has it out for my mate, and I don’t even know her name. I felt her as soon as she came into the room and my head went right towards her, she looked drained. She looked older than she did last night, but I had already discussed it with Shelby, and I needed an heir. I would not insist on IVF, as we are very physical, being werewolves, and I will want to sleep with my mate. I have heard that there is nothing better than being with your mate. When I saw that guy hugging her, I couldn’t stop the growl from coming out, and then when she was behind the three of them, I really got mad. That was a message that they would engage with me over her, to the death. She is my mate, and they have no reason to touch her at all. She needs to come with me. She belongs with me. She is MINE.

I see her come between two of them and she is bold when she asks me if I am going to claim her. Feisty, I like it. But I cannot claim her in the way that she deserves, and that makes me upset. I see her face fall as I answer her, and I feel a tug of emotion in my own heart, I can feel how much I hurt her with what I had said. She is in pain, but she keeps it masked. I haven’t even marked her, but I feel so much of what she feels already like we are already connected deeply on another level.

I smell Shelby before I see her. She always wears a very loud perfume, I have asked her to stop with it, as she smells too strong to be around sometimes, as our senses are strong. My Beta cannot stand to be around her at all, but it is because she had flirted with him, and offered him the opportunity to join us in bed before. She really doesn’t get the mate thing, and she really offended him by asking him that. He is waiting on his mate, and he is greatly disappointed in me for allowing her to be acting Luna. He said that it is a disgrace to our kind for allowing her to “play” Luna for Golden Summit. I agree now that I have met my mate all I want is my mate, I need to figure out a way to make this work for me, but right now, I just can’t see how I can.

“Is this her?” Shelby asks me and I nod and then look back at my mate. I still don’t even know her name yet, and the longer I stay around her the more that I want her. I can smell her, and I want her badly. She is being held by that guy she was hugging earlier, and I can’t stop the growl from escaping.

My mate looks over at me, and then looks right at Shelby’s hand on my shoulder and shakes her head. She turns on her heel to walk away from me, and I don’t want her to leave. I want to know about her, and what her name is.

“Wait, what is your name?” I stepped forward to ask. Shelby’s hand falls from my shoulder as I stepped forward and she huffs at me stepping away from her.

“My name is none of your business. We are nothing to each other, you just told me that. You already have a Luna. You don’t need me. So, we can just get this over with. I was going to speak to my parents first, but no time like the present, as I never want to feel what I felt last night again.” she told me, and I felt bad that she confirmed what I suspected.

“What is your name mate?” she asked me.

“My name is Nico Hughes, from the Golden Summit pack,” I told her.

“I, Sabrina Morris, Daughter of Alpha Andrew Morris and Luna Monica Morris, of the Stone Moon pack, reject you, Nico Hughes, as my true mate,” she tells me, and I felt it in my heart when she rejected me as her mate.

“I, Nico Hughes, Alpha of the Golden Summit, refuse to accept your rejection Sabrina Morris,” I said, and watched her collapse into another man’s arms. Nico gets kicked out of Stone Moon