Chapter 10 - Enslaved To The Bond


"I am so fucking disgusted with you," Noel hissed as I dragged myself back to the main house. I knew this was coming and, frankly, I didn't have many words to respond back with.

"I tried my best to help her," I grumbled, knowing very well that was a lie.

"My ass," he snapped. "Help her? You probably beautifully made her feel unworthy and cheap by hiding the truth and throwing her like a piece of trash at the omega shelter,"

"It's just one night!" I protested, guilt clawing at my chest. "I will find a way to bring her here."

"Please," Noel scoffed. "You couldn't even argue with your brother and you think you will stand up to the elders? The truth is you don't want to. Because you are a fucking coward,"

"Yes, maybe I am and I deserve to be!" I scowled, quickly masking that up as I was greeted by my yo