Chapter 2 - Enslaved To The Bond

Note: this book can be read as a standalone.


I was running.

I was running as fast as my legs would allow. My heart pounded in my chest while my lungs were just a blink away from giving up. I felt choked, my throat dry as hay, my entire body thrumming with unimaginable pain.

Yet I was still running.

The hard forest floor made my feet bleed, leaving traces of blood, which wasn’t helping my case. It was leaving a trail behind me, making it easier for the lethal beasts to find me. Not that they needed to.

They were right behind me.

Huge black bodies, canines bared, growling and howling as they chased after me. It was a miracle of no small means that my tiny human feet were still managing to escape their insane speed. They were so fast, like gushes of invisible wind spiralling through the dark forest.

This was not the picture that my mind painted when luna Alana said she would help me find my freedom two days ago. I trusted her because she had every reason to want me out of her life. Out of his life for good. I was more than willing to leave and never ever go back.

She promised I could have a new start far away. The only reason I agreed to follow those two frightening looking men that night was because I would give anything to escape the hell I was trapped in. Escape his dark, unforgiving cold eyes and his ruthless touch that left me with a fresh scar every time. Some were visible, some ingrained in the darkest part of me, ready to haunt me for the rest of my life.

However, when she said freedom, I didn’t know she meant…

Selling me off to slave traders.

A day ago…

“What were you thinking?” I shrivelled up in terror as the burly-looking guy shouted at the man who brought me here. I don’t know what place this was. It looked like some kind of makeshift shelter home, dirty and smelly. The guy shouting looked dirty too. And lethal.

“Look, I got money for her,” the man who brought me here, named James, scowled. “When have you ever got money for a bid? That luna woman gave me a crazy amount to get her the fuck out of that pack!”

“Then give her the money back and get this piece of shit out of here!” the boss guy barked, shooting me a disgusted look. “Who in their right mind would want her? Fuck.”

“What’s wrong with her?” James demanded, and I froze as his gaze appraised me from head to toe.

I was terrorised and helpless, crouching on the cold floor in the dingy room while the two men pondered over what to do with me. I tried my best to fight back the moment I found out that I was being lied to. Released from one hell hole and sent to another one. I had tried my best to run, to fight and do anything that would help me escape from wherever I was at the moment. I really did.

But it was all in vain. I wasn’t half as strong as the men who dragged me here and all my efforts led to nothing but a stinging slap on my cheek that almost made my ears pop.

“What’s wrong with her?” the boss guy thundered. It felt like he would just burst into flames at any moment now. “Where will we find a bidder for a mute slave? Who would want a woman who can’t speak, you bloody idiot?”

“She is not mute, she is just too stubborn to speak. The luna woman assured me of that, and honestly don’t be stupid. You and me, we both know what these fancy alphas and betas and the posh packs do with these slaves. All they care about is what’s between her legs and if she was such a tremendous threat to the luna, forcing her to sell her to the slave trade, I assume that works just fine. Plus, she asked me to keep whatever we get for her. You will be mad to not take this offer.”

I still didn’t understand what was going on. But I knew this… I needed to run. I needed to escape, no matter how. Because now it was not just about my freedom anymore. It was much more than that.

“Fine,” the boss guy grimaced. “But I don’t want any mess with the alpha. He is crazy enough already.”

“Hopefully, it won’t come to that. The luna said she got it covered,” James said, pulling out a cigarette from his pocket. “I have a feeling we would get a good bargain for her,”

“Hold that feeling,” the boss scowled. “We will present her with the batch tomorrow. I feel like we should get rid of this one sooner rather than later. Lock her up and prepare her for the bidding tomorrow.”


The boss guy shot another filthy look in my direction before walking out, leaving me with James. He turned his eyes to me and I scooted as far away from his touch as I could. He scooted down and blew the nasty cigarette smoke in my face.

“I really feel bad for you, little girl,” he mumbled, reaching out to caress my cheek. I moved away quickly and shot him a dirty look and a glare.

“What’s your name again? Rose, right?” he smiled. “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I wonder what you did to piss off the luna so much. What is it about you that made her so insecure, huh? I mean you are mesmerizing,undoubtedly, but she is not so bad herself.”

I didn't respond because, honestly, I had no idea why luna Alana, the luna of the eclipse moon pack, did this to me. I didn’t think she hated me so much. Why would she? She had everything that I didn’t. He didn’t treat her like he treated me. He made her the luna, not me.

Then why did she do this to me?

“Well, whatever it is,” James shrugged, standing up. “I will pray you find a wonderful home. Not all buyers are evil. Some are just looking for a companion. And some…” he made a face and shook his head.

“Wish you don’t have to find that out… little Rose. Stay here. They will decide your fate tomorrow.” With that said, he gave me a sympathetic look and, turning on his heels, walked out, shutting the door behind him.

I blankly stared at it for a few seconds before pulling my leg up to my chin and curling up in a ball. It was a vain attempt to feel some comfort as tears spilled down my eyes. My chest hurt with unspeakable pain and I wished, I so wished, that for just once I could scream. Scream all the pain and anger away that I have been silently holding inside me for the last two years. But it's been so long since I spoke that I barely remember what my voice sounds like now. However, this needed to end. I have had enough. I needed to find a way and get out of here. This was my only chance.

I needed to run. And I was going to run because, no matter what, I was a fighter.

And because I had an immense responsibility on my shoulders now.

Present …

I couldn’t run any longer. My body was giving up. There was nothing or no one who could save me from this painful, terrifying end. And despite the hopelessness, I still wanted to live. Unfortunately, I don’t think I was going to.

Blood seeped into the black dress they made me wear, which was already torn to tiny pieces, barely sticking to my body. The monsters got their teeth on every inch of my body they possibly could and the pain… there were no words. I still kept running, hoping someone would help me. That, at least for once, the moon goddess will take pity on me.

Wasn’t she already done?

My vision was slowly starting to blur. Even so, from my hindsight, I could see the big, black wolves taking over on either side of me. They were terrifying beasts, ready to tear me to tiny pieces.

Please… please, someone help…

Finally, my legs gave away as my feet got stuck into something and I fell face flat on the cold, hard forest floor. I could see dots in front of my eyes and blood gushing into my mouth as my chin crashed to the ground. Tears streamed down my eyes, my lungs ready to burst out of my chest, while my skin burned with pain that was hard to explain in words.

I could feel their enormous bodies surrounding me, the low growling and howling intensifying.

So this was how I died.

As the world drifted away, the low mocking growls coming from the hunters intensified. But now, for some reason, it sounded different. Less threatening, more defensive. Like suddenly, they were the ones who were scared. Or wary.

And it didn’t take long for me to figure why.

Whatever little strength was left in me forced me to raise my eyes. They met burning green ones and right in that moment, a blood-curling howl escaped him. If the beasts following me were huge, they seemed like small puppies in front of the one who stood in front of me. He was gigantic and the fury in his green eyes was enough to freeze my blood. But at the same time, a part of me suddenly relaxed.

My eyes felt heavy as stone, and the last thing I heard was an earth-shattering growl before my world turned dark.