Chapter 7 - Intoxicated With You

Noah's POV

"There has to be other family," I yell at Tyler across Blake's hospital room. The doctor says she could wake up any second, and once she is awake, she is free to go home, but she has to be released to someone.

"She's your mate." He argues.

"I rejected her!"

"Don't you think I know that! I was there." Tyler yells.

"So, let's give her to some other family."

"She's your mate whether you reject her or not. She never accepted it, so there is still something there you feel for her." Tyler yells, crossing his arms.

"It doesn't matter. She won't be my mate much longer. I'm going to get her to accept it, and then we can send her off with whatever other family she might have." I defend myself. I'm an Alpha, and I run a whole pack protecting many people. I don't have time to tend to the wounds of this one girl, even if she was supposed to be my mate.

"Guys," the docto