Chapter 3 - Luna Abigail

  Abigail's POV

  'Galaxy, we need to get to the leader. He is the key to stopping this nonsense, and I am not sure our pack is coming to help us.' Galaxy hummed in response and tore the two rouges apart in one swift motion, as they charged at us.

  She keeps sprinting towards the leader, but the other rouges shifted as well, and Galaxy is surrounded. I can hear the leader trying to break through the barrier, but no one with ill will towards the persons inside could ever enter. 'We need to get this over with Galaxy.' She sneers at the rouges and keeps up the pace; death is all around us.

  Suddenly I can hear wolves coming near, and by the scent of them, they are allies. They smell like packs, not only my pack but others as well. The sound of growling and paws on the ground distracts the rouges enough for Galaxy to get an opening. She leaps over the surrounding rouges and goes straight for the leader. He shifted into a small brownish wolf but didn't have time to react before Galaxy pounded into him and ripped his throat out. The field was now swimming with pack warriors and various leaders. They were here at Black Moon because of the Alpha ceremony tonight, but they came to help me and rescue the women and children.

  Galaxy howls in the sky, and the fight is over.

  I let the barrier fall and go to the women. I stay in wolf form because I know the punishment will fall as soon as I shift back. The Luna from Silver Mist comes over to me and Galaxy lays down to get into eyesight.

  "Thank you for saving us and fighting for us." She says and then reaches out to Galaxy and pets her head.

  The Luna smells so good; it is a masculine and yet refreshing scent. Galaxy kept smelling her, and she laughs at her antics.

  "You are an eager one, aren't you?" She asks. But she doesn't move one inch.

  Then I see an understanding in her eyes, but she doesn't elaborate on it before Alpha Fenrir walks over only in shorts.

  "Abigail, what are you doing? You know, you may not show yourself near any pure werewolves. You will taint them!" He sneers at me.

  "SHIFT!" He uses his Alpha voice on me, and I choose to obey; seeing as I hadn't rejected the pack and their Alpha yet, this would make me submit, but I am different and can choose whether I want to do as he says or not, which has given me many problems in the past.

  I shift back and stand there in my birthday suit. I summon a blanket and put it around my shoulders.

  Alpha Fenrir scowls, and the look in his eyes promises nothing good. He then slaps me across the face.

  "I have told you time and time again to NOT do that in public!"

  The second slap sends me to the ground, but I don't even flinch.

  "And I have told you, time and time again, that if you don't want to share cloth with me, I'll have to summon at least a blanket to cover my body after a surprise shift," I state as I stand back up, not even phased by the slaps. Luna Ornata stands in between me and the Alpha.

  "What do you think you are doing? She saved our lives, and you treat her like that?" She all but yells at Alpha Fenrir. He doesn't look pleased to be talked to like that, but he says nothing back. Luna Ornata turns around.

  "Sweet girl, please come with me to the pack house and we will get you some clothes and some attention to those wounds." She says kindly and offers me a hand. I stare at her, not knowing what to do.

  This wakes up Alpha Fenrir.

  "You are not going anywhere, girl! Go back to where you came from and stay there. I will take care of you later." He sneers. Luna Ornata looks livid. She was not used to people talking like that, either.

  "Alpha Fenrir, with all due respect, this girl saved your children, me, my daughter, and two of my pack's children. And you say that she is not welcome to the pack house? What kind of pack is this?" She asks, her eyes blazing with anger.

  "I have mind-linked my husband and son. They have been scouring the forest for more rouges and are on their way back here. It will do you right to not disobey me on this! This girl, Abigail, is coming with me and getting those wounds attended to. I will not tolerate you treating her like this." She then crosses her arms and sends Alpha Fenrir a look that said to not get in her way.

  We wait for about 10 minutes before the sound of feet can be heard coming toward us. Everyone else had kept their distance from the fuming Alpha and Luna. Their auras fill the air with tension, but neither would budge from the other.

  Galaxy, who until now had been quietly observing in the back of my head, paces around in circles.

  'Galaxy, what is it?' She keeps pacing until a young man comes into sight.

  He is easily 6 feet tall, with muscles everywhere. He is only in shorts, so his eight pack is clearly visible. Galaxy is practically drooling in my mind and jumps around like a little pup.

  'Mate, mate, mate.' She squeals.

  'What are you talking about? Our mate rejected us, remember?' But Galaxy keeps howling in delight. There is no way this hunk of a wolf is my mate. Do I really get to have a second chance? Or is the moon goddess playing some cruel prank on me?

  It can't be?

  I keep telling myself that as he walks closer.