Chapter 5 - Luna Abigail

  The Third Person's POV

  As Matthew feels his mate go limp in his arms, he looks down at her. She is out cold.

  What happened?

  "Mom... MOM!" Matthew yells down the corridor where his parents had disappeared to do what he had asked.

  "Matt, darling, what is wrong?" Luna Ornata eyes the unconscious girls in her son's arms, and his panicked state of mind.

  "I think everything finally caught up with the poor child. Don't worry Matt, she will wake up in a little while. Go put her in your bedroom, and stay with her. I will get Helena to come with some clothes and then join you in your room." Her voice is gentle, but her son does not overlook the worry in her eyes.

  Matthew does what she says and carries his beautiful mate to his room. He can't believe how she has been treated by this pack! The rumors of a shunned she-wolf/witch girl have, of course, reached his pack, but no one there believed anyone could be so closed minded.

  But alas, here he is, and the girl is his long awaited mate. She is everything he had ever wanted and more. She is beautiful beyond anyone he had ever laid his eyes upon, and her curves would have any male look at her again and again. When he reached the field in the forest earlier, he didn't expect to see so many dead rouges. But mostly, he didn't expect to see his mate in the middle of the battle.

  She was beyond everything he had ever imagined, her moves, her size, her fur. When she had gone for the leader, he had held his breath because of worry for her. But she had crushed him like an insect. His wolf Blade had swollen with pride. And he wanted to go to her immediately, but his duty kept him from her until he was sure all the rouges were gone.

  When his mother had mind-linked him about her, he had been scouting in the forest for more rouges with his father. Matt and Blade had run to their maximum speed to get back to their mate as quickly as they could.

  A knock on the door interrupted Matthew's thoughts. He got up from beside his mate to open it.

  Outside stood his youngest sister, Helena. She gave him a small smile.

  "May I come in, brother?" She asks. Matthew stands aside and lets her walk into the room. She sits in a chair and lays the clothes on the table.

  "Mom told me what happened. I am so happy for you, but I am sorry for how your mate has been treated here. She saved my life out there, and she didn't even think twice about it, even after everything that has been given to her here." Helena says with tears in her eyes.

  She looks at her unconscious future sister-in-law, who she had to admit was a very beautiful girl, even laying there in bed. She looks so normal. Why did her pack hate her so much, Helena wondered.

  "I don't know what to do, Matt?" Helena says, frustrated.

  "My mate is here, but I don't want to live in a pack that is so narrow minded. He even told me not to come here with the clothes. He is sure she will infect me with something dangerous, just because her mother was a witch." She sighs and runs her hands through her hair.

  Matthew just about had it with these people. One thing was how they had treated his mate, but if they tried to brainwash his innocent little sister, he would raise hell. Until now he had kept his and Blade's anger at bay because this is where his mate was from, but things were getting more and more out of hand.

  "Lena, you need to make this decision yourself. Your mate is welcome at home anytime, but he will have to accept Abby as his Luna. You are a smart girl, and I know you will decide the right thing for yourself; I will not decide for you." He breathed.

  "I will always support you, no matter what, little sister, but I will also always choose my mate. She is innocent in all this chaos." Matthew states with a mild expression in his green eyes.

  Helena nods in understanding.

  "Trust me, I know she is innocent. I was afraid you would tell me it was my decision, so I already made it. I told him he could move with me to my pack, accept Abigail and have his eyes opened from this way of life or we could reject each other right then and there. He told me I was crazy and needed to know my place as his woman." A low growl escapes Matthew at this.

  "Easy, brother. I can hold my own, and I did. The gnome didn't know what was coming for him after such a statement, but I punched him in the face in front of mom dad and his Alpha. Then I rejected him and told him and the Alpha that I have no respect for men who were so full of themselves that they view women as prizes! I am not someone's prize, and I refuse to live here!" She huffs in annoyance. Matthew stares at her before he laughs. Helena laughs with him and soon they are both crying from laughter. He can just imagine the faces of his sister's ex-mate and that stupid Alpha when she did that.


  "What's so funny in here?" Came their mother's voice from the door.

  "Lena just told me how she held her own to that mutt of a mate," Matthew says with an eye roll and a smirk. Ornata shakes her head at her children.

  They were growing into their own people, but she is so damn proud of them both! They have turned out to be responsible and clever young adults.

  Especially her eldest, Matthew. He already saw who his mate really was, a clever, special, and wonderful young woman who cared for others before herself. She had proven herself today in the meadow, and Ornate was proud that she would soon help the sweet girl into Luna's position.

  They keep talking for an hour before Abigail stirs.