Chapter 9 - Luna Abigail

  Abigail's POV

  A gentle kiss to my face wakes me. Tingles erupt everywhere, and I know it's Matthew.

  "Sweetheart, wake up. We are nearly home, and I have something to prepare you for." I'm wide awake now, and Galaxy paces in my head, not liking the sound of our mate's tone of voice.

  "Our neighboring pack's former Alpha has a daughter named Maria. She has been obsessing over me for years. I thought it was just a small innocent crush, but it developed into something bigger. I have never encouraged her and told her multiple times I was waiting.. Well, for you! But she wouldn't listen. She told me if I didn't make her my Luna, she would make her father and brother wage war against us." Kaiden growls at this revelation, not liking at all that his Alpha and brother have been going through this alone.

  "I kept my distance in the hopes she would forget it. She didn't. Right before I left to go to your old pack, she let me know she was to b