Chapter 1 - His Little Wolf

Bethany's POV

"Bethany! Beth wake up baby!"

"Momma, what's wrong?"

"Rouges, we're under attack! I need you to take Bella to the safe room and don't come out until I come and get you ok? Promise me you won't come out until it's safe Beth!"

"Ok momma, I won't I promise!"

"Good girl, now run and don't stop! protect Bella! I love you, Bethany!"

"I love you too momma!"

I take a sleeping Bella from my mom's arms and run out of my bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs, through the living room, and finally reach the kitchen. I pop open the door as the growls and pain-filled howls start to get louder and I'm just grateful that Bella is sleeping through all of this! finally, we reach the safe room. I lock the door once we're inside and lay Bella on the mattress on the floor. This room has everything we need, There are two mattresses on the floor with blankets and pillows, torches within reach just In case the power goes out or we need to keep the main light off and a cupboard with drinks and food that doesn't need to be cooked. There's a small toilet room adjacent to this room, it literally only has a toilet and sink in there but that's all we need. There are two windows high up on the wall, the glass is fogged so no one can see in or out but the light shines through so you can tell if it's day or night. I've been stuck in this room during attacks before and I can tell you that being able to tell if it's day or night helps a lot especially when you don't have a clue what time it is. The room is soundproofed and the door is made of steel making it harder to break through, not that anyone has tried before thank goddess.

I lay down on the mattress and cuddle into Bella. I'm sure we'll be fine, we're not a big pack, there are only 250 members but we have some very strong warriors and have done well when under attacks before! I can't fight because I don't have my wolf yet! I'll get my wolf when I'm 18 but right now I'm only 14. Bella is 6 months old, she's my niece. My brother josh's daughter, he and his mate Harley are warriors so after she was born it was agreed that if there Was ever an attack I would take her to the safe room while they fight. My dad tom is the top warrior here at moonshine and while my mother Helen isn't a warrior she is one hell of a fighter! She used to be a warrior but quit, choosing to work in the nursery instead. Josh is the 2nd top male warrior and Harley is the 10th top female warrior, My older sister Brooke was the 2nd top female warrior here which is a great achievement at 18 years old but she met her mate 3 weeks ago at the annual blue moon ball and moved to his pack 6 hours away to be with him. Calvin is the alpha of the claw moon pack, he's 20 and seems like a really good alpha and mate to my sister. I've not met him yet or anyone from the pack as I can't attend the ball until I'm 18 but we are going there in 1 week for the Luna ceremony and I can't wait! I'm super proud of my sister becoming Luna, she's such a lovely person and I know she'll be a great Luna!

The women, children, and elderly usually go to the safe room at the packhouse but my dad insisted we have one in our basement, so he and josh build one 5 years ago. it's great because we don't need to go outside when there's a sudden attack but it's not great when I'm here on my own! Of course, I have Bella but she's just a baby, it can get lonely and scary down here on my own but I always remind myself that my family are out there fighting to keep us safe, the least I can do is suck it up in here for a few hours! My mind has been working overtime so much I've given myself a migraine and I know Bella will be up in a couple of hours so I decide to try and get some sleep, I'm never normally able to fall asleep in here, I get creeped out! between that and worrying about my family and pack sleep is always impossible but this headache isn't shifting so I've got to try, I snuggle into Bella some more and finally, sleep takes over.

I'm slowly waking up and suddenly remember where I am. I jump up with a start and see we are still in the safe room. When I went to sleep, I was hoping that we would wake up in our beds and that this would all be over but clearly not! Bella starts to stir so I go make her bottle and by the time I'm done she's wide awake and whiny. I change her diaper and start feeding her. I'm good at looking after Bella I can do everything she needs/wants, which is a good thing considering I'm all she has right now! plus Harley says I'm a natural which I love because I can't wait to have my own kids one day when I get my mate, I can find my mate once I turn 18, but I just hope I don't have to wait too long!

As soon as Bella's feed and burped I take her into the toilet room, wash her down with a washcloth, and get her dressed. I then get myself sorted while she lays on the floor and plays. she's such a happy baby and I love her so much! When Harley and Josh asked me to protect Bella they knew I didn't need an adult here with us, they know I'd die to protect her, I may only be 14 but my family are warriors and Josh works me hard in training so much that when we have practice fights I have to fight the older kids because no one my age can keep up with me.

I don't know what time it is but I know it's been hours. I've started getting a sinking feeling in my stomach, I've never been in this room this long before! I don't want to think it but I know deep down in my heart, I know this attack hasn't gone our way, I know my family and pack are dead! If anyone had survived they would have come for us! I let myself have a few minutes to panic about how it's just me and Bella now, how I'm 14 and have to look after a baby, how do I do this? how do I live without my family? I want to break down, I want to smash this room up but I can't, I have to be strong now for Bella. There's still a small part of me that wants to believe their ok, what if they are Alive? What if they're laying outside now injured and need me? I have to know I have to see for myself if there are any survivors! I grab the backpack in the corner which has supplies for me and Bella for a few days. It's kept here just Incase the worst happens and I need to run with her and as much as I don't want to admit it I think it has, I throw it over my shoulders, pick up Bella, and put her in the baby carrier I've put on and pray to the moon goddess that if the worst has happened, I can get us out of here!

Here we go!

I slowly open the door, peaking out I can't see or hear anyone. I slowly make my way up the stairs, into the kitchen, and the sight before me doesn't give me any hope, the place has been trashed! I make my way through the house and every room is the same! I think maybe the rouges we're looking for anyone hidden. it would be hard for them to find the safe room at my house because the outside door is covered in the same wallpaper as the kitchen, so it doesn't look like a door. I head to my bedroom and pray they didn't find my emergency box, Josh and I both have them, they contain a bank card to my parent's saving account, a few hundred dollars in cash, a new phone, and a photo album just in case there's no returning. Thankfully it's still there, I put everything in my bag and make my way to the front door.

I get out of the front door and I feel like I've walked onto the set of a horror film! Everything is trashed, there are dead bodies littered everywhere, blood and even body parts sprawled out on the ground. I feel sick! I'm so glad Bella is sleeping, baby or not she should never see something like this. I take deep Breathes to try and calm myself! And slowly make my way forwards, as much as I want to run away from this right now, I have to be sure, I have to know if my family is dead!

Making my way around the body's I want to break down, all these people are just gone! people I knew, people I was talking with Just yesterday. Why did this happen? After a few more steps I find Josh and Harley next to each other... they're both dead...their throats have been torn out! My heart breaks for Bella, of course, it breaks for me to but they were her parents and she'll never remember them. I kiss them both on the head and keep walking, I'm almost to the packhouse when I see my beautiful mom, her hearts torn out and as much as I try, I can't stop my tears from falling. I tell her I love her, kiss her on the head and go look for my dad, the only one left I can hope is still alive. I finally find him with the beta and alpha...he's dead His throat has been torn apart and his legs have been bitten off. it's all too much, I can't breathe, I crumble to the floor and quietly sob my heart out while cuddling a sleeping Bella. it takes me some time to finally calm myself, I look around to see if anyone's coming but no one is, then I remember something...

The safe room in the packhouse. the women, children, and elderly will still be there! I take a few more minutes to say goodbye to my family. I take both my parent's wedding rings and place them on my neckless. my mom made me, josh and Brooke promise a long time ago that if something happened to both of them and any of us was able to, we were to take their rings and keep them with us and I will keep that promise! Harley and josh weren't married yet but were engaged so I take Harley's engagement ring and also place it on my neckless, I will keep it safe until Bella is old enough to have it. I can't bear to see my family in pieces anymore so I say my final goodbyes and start walking away, that's not how I want to remember them and they wouldn't want that either!

I make my way to the packhouse on high alert! I still don't know if any rouges are hanging around. I make it inside the house, all clear so far thank moon goddess! This place has been trashed too, everything in ruins, more body's on the ground! Arriving in the kitchen I head straight for the pantry, the door to the safe room is inside there. My legs can't move quick enough! I don't want to be alone anymore! the people in there may not be my family by blood but they are still family. I open the door and make my way down the stairs and I can't believe what my eyes are seeing.....