Chapter 10 - Warrior Princess

Samantha POV

I army crawl backwards very slowly. This black bear is bigger than any I’ve ever seen. Usually, these bears are the same size as us werewolves. I'm about 5-foot-tall, but this one is easily double my height. It's like a bear on steroids. It looks almost rabid. This is just peachy. He snarls at me and starts stalking towards me.

“Akira, a little help here…” she comes to the forefront of my mind and I let her have control. We use our tail to stir the dust and rocks around. Sending pebbles flying. It works as the bear turns his head towards the ruckus. I use this to my advantage and bolt. I get maybe 5 feet from the cave and I am thrown into a tree trunk. Guess he's smarter than I thought.

“Well, we're going to have to fight our way out of this one." I get up on all 4 paws and roar as loud as I can, making sure to look as vicious as I can. Hackles raised and lips pulled back to flash my teeth I start circling the bear. He asses