Chapter 9 - His Little Wolf


"Ok Beth this is your room; my bedroom is two doors down and Bella's room is in between us, ok?" I nod with a small smile as Brooke opens up the large wooden door in front of me. I step inside and the room is massive, a lot bigger than my room back home.

There is a queen-size bed with grey and mustard silk sheets, a duvet cover, and pillowcases all matching. A huge tv on the wall in front of the bed, It has to be at least 60 inches big. A grey sofa at the bottom of the bed with a small coffee table in front of it. To the side of the tv, two French doors open up onto a balcony. To the other side of the doors is a large vanity table and stool and there's a large mustard rug spread across the floor over a light grey carpet.

"Wow, this is beautiful Brooke. Thank you! You didn't need to do all this, honestly!"

"I didn't, I would love to take the credit for this but this is all Ashley!" I look at Ashley and he's giving m