Chapter 1 - Twice Rejected

"Die! Die! Die!"

My mother screamed, her grip in my neck tightening as she did so. The right side of my face kissed the dirty ground, as hot and painful tears rolled down my cheeks.

My mother's tears dropped on my face as she screamed. I could feel the agony emitting from her tears. But I was no better as I struggled under her tight grip.

I cried and begged for air, whimpering in pain. I wanted to scream, but I could not. She held my throat so tight, my vocal cords became useless. I was slowly becoming dizzy, my tears blurring the vision of our burning house.

"Please." I muttered barely audible and the pains that shot through me began to weigh me down.

That was the only word I could think of, the only word that could come out of my mouth. But that word was not directed to my mother.

But it was a plea to the only person that gave me solace. My father.

I was begging my father to come out of the fire and save me from my mother.

"You cursed child! I always knew that you were a baggage from hell! How dare you kill my husband?! You sent him back into the fire and now he's dead!" My mother wailed in uncontrollable agony.

Like an arrow shot through my heart, my mind refused to believe what my ears just heard. It can't be true, right? I looked at my mother with wide eyes filled with uncertainty and…horror.

"Dead?" I managed to cough out.

My mother's words stung my ears without mercy. My heart tightened in my chest, like she had dug her hands inside, squeezing it just as she was holding my neck in a firm grip.

"Daddy can't be dead! He just can't be dead! He promised me! He promised me he would be back with Mr Waffles." I thought out loud.

I had to convince myself that he had only gone back in to get my favorite toy - Mr Waffles, the teddy bear he bought for me.

And that was the only memory I could have had of him.

"I am going to kill you! You would die for what you have done!" Her screams grew louder with threats.

Then she heard a whimpering and a tug on her shirt. My twin sister's cry jolted my back back to reality.

Hanola, my twin sister, kept clutching my mother's dress, and crying at the top of her lungs.

My mother who was about to bring down hail and brimstone on me totally forgot about me and all the death threats she had made in a split second.

She immediately released my neck and rushed to hold her golden baby, Hanola. I watched as mother and daughter sat on the grass and wept in each other's arms, not minding me anymore.

I didn't know what happened, but I began to gasp for air. Breathing was becoming painful, and the air was filled with ash and smoke from our house.

Every part of my body hurts; from my head, to my neck down to my stomach. My mother had kicked me on my stomach in fury and now it hurts like hell.

I groaned in pain, wanting to crawl back to the fire and call out for my daddy. I was sure that if I screamed a lot harder, he would hear me and come out.

"Daddy! Daddy!! Help me please! It's too painful! I can't bear the pain!"

I needed him to come out. He can't leave me alone. I can't be alone with my mother. I know she is my mother but I am not her daughter. I needed my father.

Because if he didn't come back to me, my mother would make my life a living hell, more than she had ever done before.

Then I made a decision. If my father wasn't going to come to me, then I would go to him. So, I fought hard and mustered all the strength left in my body. I stretched one arm forward and used it to pull myself to the fire.

When I moved, I stretched the other hand out and crawled one more step towards the fire. That was why I kept crawling to the fire. I was determined to meet my father there.

Tears of pain continued to flow down my cheeks, burning my eyelids. Or was it the fire? I didn't know or cared to know. Because all I wanted was to see him again. The determination to meet my father overwhelmed my sense of reasoning.

As I got closer to the fire, the heat was so scorching that I had to retreat. I tried again, but failed to go inside the fire. I burst into tears, calling myself a coward. How could I retreat from the fire that my father bravely ran into?

I tried again, but I just couldn't bear the heat from the fire as it began to burn me. I tried numerous times, but I just couldn't brace myself to go into the fire.

I couldn't do anything, but start crying again. Wetting my damp clothes. I don't care! All I wanted was my father. I wanted him back.

"Mr. Fire, give me back my daddy! You can take Mr Waffles, but please give my daddy back to me!" I bawled again.

I cried so hard that my knuckles hurt and it was impossible to gasp for air. I cried for my father, but the tears never seemed to being him back. Still, I held onto a tiny hope that he would come back for me.

I looked around and found out that my mother was nowhere to be found with my sister. I was afraid that they left me too. I started wailing loudly, unfortunately there was no one around.

I started walking towards the forest in search of my mother and sister. I don't want to be left alone in this world.

"Momma! Hanola!"

"Please don't leave me alone!"

"Daddy is gone!"

"Please don't leave me alone"

"I promise to be good, mommy!"

I was crying and calling out my mother and sister as I wandered deeper into the forest. I didn't know I was already passing our Pack's border.

As I was crying, I heard a loud growl behind me. There was a rotten stench coming from it and my body was instantly filled with fear.

"Daddy! Save me!" I cried when my eyes came in contact with the fire like eyes of a wolf.

I was just seven and I don't know anything about rogues. But I knew that this wolf was certainly not from our Pack. The wolf let out another earth shattering sound and I shrieked in fear.

I turned around and began to run away as fast as my little legs could carry. I was getting tired and I fell to the grassy ground with a thud. I could see the wolf throwing it's paws on me.

I awaited the snapping of my head from my neck, but surprisingly nothing happened. Rather, I heard another growl from someone. It was from a young boy. He wasn't in his wolf form.

I watched as the boy fought with the wolf in his human form and within a few minutes, he snapped his head off. The boy approached me slowly and squatted down to look at my face.

I didn't want my savior to be scared of me, so I covered my face with my tiny hands.

"Little girl, why are you alone in this forest? Where are your parent?"

"My Papa got carried away by Mr fire and I can't find my momma and Hanola." I replied with my face still hidden.

"I am sure your Momma and Hanola must be looking for you right now. Are you from this pack?"

"Yes. I lost my way. I don't know the way." I replied.

"Come, I will take you to the palace. The alpha would find your momma and Hanola, okay?"

I nodded my head, but still I refused to show him my face.

"Little girl, why are you hiding your face?"

"Because I am a monster. A black eyed Curse. I don't want to give you bad luck. You are my savior." I replied.

I heard him chuckling. I felt him removing my hands from my face and I shut my eyes tightly. I didn't want him to see my eyes.

"Open your eyes or I will be angry."

I didn't want him to be angry, so I slowly opened my eyes. I expected him to either curse me or run away from me, but instead I saw him smiling at me.

He was so handsome.

What's your name?"

"My name is Koko, Koko Magnus"

"Now listen to me, Koko. You are not a monster or a black eyed Curse. You are just unique and beautiful in your own way."

"Someday your true beauty will manifest before the one who truly deserves you, okay?

I nodded my head." What is your name, savior?"

"Just call me, the Alpha from Heaven," he said and smiled at me.

As he carried me back to the pack, I wished the Moon goddess would make me his mate.

He was truly from heaven.