Chapter 4 - Alpha Nocturne's Contracted Mate

"You will also be required not to disclose information regarding this contract or the Alpha's curse to anyone. The consequences will be both swift and brutal if you do. Is that clear?

"That's fine by me. I do have a request though of my own."

Alpha Nocturne narrowed his eyes slightly at her. What was it that she would demand from him exactly? He steeled himself for extortionate demands and retained his impassive demeanor as he waited patiently.

"You can ask…" Allen stated in a non-committal tone, as he waved for her to continue.

Ann took a deep breath and smiled lightly.

"It's nothing major, don't worry. First of all, before I return to the pack with you, I want to have the opportunity to say goodbye to my family. Second, I want to be able to continue my work at the company of my former pack if possible. Third... I still want to be able to see my friends."

'Should have asked him for our bastard mate's balls on a platter.' Maeve snorted.

'What is your obsession with his genitals, Maeve?'

'Maybe if he'd kept them to himself for another night I wouldn't be so damn salty…'

Allen looked at Ann suspiciously as she returned to the conversation.

"I won't ask this time.." He said hurriedly as Maeve smirked at his response.

"Clearly too spicy for the males at the Moon Pack." She commented as she stretched languidly and Ann rolled her eyes internally at her.

"Alpha Nocturne agrees to your demands. Is there nothing else?" he inquired cautiously.

Ann shook her head.

"Very well. We have a business to attend to in the city so we can collect you tomorrow night from your parent's pack. Is this acceptable?"

Ann nodded quietly.

"Very well, then if you'll sign your name here as acceptance of the first draft of the contract, then any further alterations can be made at a later date with both parties' approval. Understood?"

Ann reached for the stylus and signed and printed her name.

"Then if there's nothing else Alpha Nocturne, Allen, I'll leave now and head home to make the necessary arrangements."

"You should call me Adam. Referring to me as alpha Nocturne is going to draw suspicious eyes."

"Very well, Adam. I'll see you tomorrow night." Ann grinned as she stood, and made her way out.

After she had left, Adam turned to Allen and smirked.

"Happy now? Contracted mate and Luna for the pack." He said as he leaned back and let his head rest on the high back of the seating, closing his eyes in satisfaction as he did so.

Silence met his words before a cautious voice answered.

"Alpha, have you ever met that woman before?"


"It's just…"

"Spit it out, Allen..." Adam said impatiently, his brows creasing in a frown.

"That woman is Ann Veritas. The Alpha King's daughter." Allen said hesitantly.

Adam's eyes flew open and he stared at the ceiling momentarily before leaning forward and looking directly at Allen.

"Perhaps it would be wise to find out what we can about her then. Who she is marrying, which company she is working for, and why she wants so desperately to get out of that wedding."

Allen nodded as he jotted down the requests of his Alpha and began sending instructions out to their intelligence and surveillance team.

"Oh, and Allen?"

"Yes, Alpha?" He said lightly as he paused in his work and glanced up to meet his Alpha's deadly gaze.

"Don't refer to her as that woman again. She is your Luna from this day forward and don't forget it." He growled as he stood to leave.

After her discussion with Alpha Nocturne and his Beta, Ann headed straight home. She avoided the main streets as much as possible in case she inadvertently bumped into anyone on the way home.

She swore internally at herself as she scurried through the poorly lit streets.

How could she have been so stupid?

Not only would she most likely be the hot topic of gossip over the next few weeks, but she had also managed to inadvertently bind herself to one of the most feared and notorious Alpha in their community.

That thought alone was enough to sober her up almost instantly.

As she navigated her way through the extensive grounds and into her home, she shut the side entrance door as quietly as possible, desperate not to draw attention to herself arriving home so late at night.

She could hear lively voices from one of the drawing rooms, the sound punctuated with laughter as she crept past. Her face hardened as she heard the familiar tones of her step-sister and stepmother, with the occasional comment from her father.

Her heart lurched painfully as the sudden feeling of being completely adrift from her once loving father wormed its way into her mind.

With a small sigh, Ann continued along the hallway with the skirts of her wedding dress bunched up and held tightly in her arms. She managed to make it to the bottom of the sweeping staircase before suddenly the door of the drawing room behind her was flung open, banging noisily on the wall and the sound amplified by the echoey corridors.

Ann jumped slightly before freezing as the familiar sickly sweet tones of her step-sister Ada, reached her ears.

"Oh! Mom! Dad! Look who only just arrived home!" Ada announced, feigning shock as she called over her shoulder to them. "I didn't even realize Ann was out! Look at the time! On the eve of your wedding as well! What will people say?" She gasped, clearly determined to put on a good show.

Ann whirled around furiously and glared through narrowed eyes at Ada.

"Oh my! Look at your dress!" Ada exclaimed loudly. "It's positively ruined! How on earth will you wear that now for the ceremony tomorrow?"

Ada came to a stop in front of Ann and folded her arms as she ran her eyes disdainfully over her disheveled appearance.