Chapter 7 - The Rejected Wolf

As promised training with Jackson was the hardest thing she had ever done, she had wanted to give up every second of training but her wolf wouldn’t let her.

It was the second week of training, she was only twenty minutes in, sweat was rolling off her body, and every muscle was screaming at her in agony.

“You can take the pain Liliana, you have taken worse every day, I have seen it.” Her wolf Tula screamed at her.

“No I haven’t, I can’t do this, just make it stop!” She screamed at both her wolf and Jackson.

“Yes you can! You are better than this!” Jackson screamed back, who was also right behind her.

“Prove them all wrong Liliana, prove your father that you are not weak and lazy, or a liar. That you can take the pain, and channel it.” Jackson coached her. She screamed out, continued on with the old-fashioned yolk, each side containing twenty pound weights. Th