Chapter 1 - The Rejected Wolf

Liliana woke up, and turned off her alarm. She checked her phone, it was seven o’clock. She had plenty of time to get ready for school.

She didn’t move a muscle. Lili didn’t want to get out of bed. She didn’t want to go to school. It was the first day of her senior year. While most girls would be excitingly calling their best friends, or picking out their first day outfits. Lili simply stayed under the covers not moving. Dread filling her stomach.

She hated school. She didn’t have a single friend. Well that wasn’t exactly true, she had her sister Penelope. But Penelope graduated last year, now she had to go to that hellhole all by herself.

It didn’t matter that she had gone to the same school since she was in kindergarten. Liliana always did have trouble making friends. She was just one of those socially awkward people. Lili was too loud, too obnoxious. It didn’t matter that she was kind hearted, and shy. The only friend she could claim was her sister.

Lili checked the time again, seven fifteen. She better get up, and get dressed. Lili rolled out of bed, and walked to her closet. Lili spent all of the previous night looking for a decent outfit to wear for the first day of school. The only thing it got her was an hour of crying. Every piece of clothing she had was too tight, or didn’t fit on her body right.

Lili put on a loose black T-shirt, and a pair of jeans. She pushed, and pulled at them, but no matter what she did they still gave her a muffin top. Lili couldn’t fight the tears that came to her eyes. She hated her body, hated it.

While her sisters were a bit on the curvy side, it was the kind of curves men went crazy after. Big bo.obs and big butt. Lili was simply put, fat. While social norms were changing thanks to people like Rebel Wilson, and Melissa McCarthy. In the werewolf world most woman weren’t larger than a size five. Not Lili, nope she was a size 18.

Wolf’s were fit, and attractive. Thanks to shifting, and constant training it was odd to see a plus size werewolf. Werewolf’s shed calories like crazy thanks to their active lifestyle. Shifting shed calories like crazy.

However, Liliana was an outcast for a reason, and being fat was only one of them. Since she was little Liliana suffered debilitating migraines. These migraines would keep her in bed sometimes two or three days at a time. Lili wouldn’t be able to take anything for relief due to being a werewolf. Medication like Advil didn’t work for her no matter how much she took. Whether that was because she was a wolf, or her migraines were too strong for over the counter medications Lili didn’t know.

The worst part about these migraines was that no one except her mother believed her about these migraines. Her mom had taken her to the pack infirmary to be seen by the doctor so many times growing up. The results of these appointments were always the same. The doctors told her to stop making up lies, and at first her mother believed the doctors. However, Liliana would often become physically ill with her migraines. While Lili had never gotten sick at school, she had at home and her mother finally started to believe her.

Lili wasn’t believed about her aliment because wolf’s weren’t sick. They didn’t suffer from sickness, and disease like most humans did. The only thing that truly affected a werewolf was either silver or wolfsbane.

When a werewolf is poisoned, by silver or wolves bane there are a couple of different avenues that can occur. These avenues will generally depend on how strong the wolf is, if the wolf being poisoned is an alpha it takes a large amount of it to kill it. However, there have been stories where omegas have came across wolvesbane in the forest, and died by simply touching it. Those are only stories told to wolf pups by mother to warn us of the dangers. Who knows how true these stories are.

There are enough stories for us to believe one can loose their wolf from silver or wolvesbane poisoning. When a werewolf looses its wolf, they basically become human. It is awful for a werewolf to loose that part of yourself. As a shifter your animal part is with you always, and loose that is loosing a part of yourself.

Liliana quickly brushes her frizzy blonde hair. It falls to her shoulders, she quickly braids it so it stays out of her face. Lili avoids looking in the mirror, as she walks out of her small room. She walks outside, and heads downstairs. Lili sees her mom in the kitchen making breakfast.

‘Huh, that’s odd,’ Lili thinks to herself. Normally mom only makes breakfast on the weekends. Once Olivia became eighteen, and moved to the pack house dad stayed at the pack house more often than not.

Liliana’s parents were the Gamma pair of the Midnight Howlers Pack, to say she was an embarrassment was putting it lightly. Her father made sure Lili never forgot how much of an embarrassment she was to him. Lili was used to the lengthy glares she got from him at the dinner table every night. Where she simply sat there eating as fast as she possibly could. But the hateful comments he spews randomly are like a whips lash to her heart. Her father called her ‘lazy,’ ‘worthless,’ and a ‘liar.’ Those were the names that he called her just in the last week.

Lili didn’t understand her fathers hatred towards her. Her father always doted on their eldest sister Olivia. Things at home weren’t so bad growing up, until Olivia turned ten. Then things started to change quite a bit, dad would take Olivia more often to train. Olivia started to hang out with the Alpha, and Beta families. Olivia suddenly became to good to hang out with her sisters.

Liliana did have to give her sister Olivia props, she was an amazing warrior. However, her sister was also very cruel and pretentious. Olivia only became cruel when she met her mate Adam when she turned eighteen. He was a strong warrior in the pack, and he was cruel to the omegas.

Lili actually caught Adam hitting one of the omega. Lili went to tell her father of what she had witnessed, and he had yelled at her. Her father told her she was a liar, and that she was jealous her sister found her mate. Lili was shocked.

The midnight howlers pack proclaimed to be a progressive pack that valued all of their members. The pack paid their omegas a fair wage, but there was a warrior abusing them. Lili didn’t think highly of the packs ranked members, but as the pack outcast she wouldn’t.

Lili pushed the thoughts aside, and headed into the kitchen where her mom was making breakfast.

“What’s this mom?” Her mom turned around, and plated her up her breakfast that consisted of eggs, pancakes and bacon.

“It’s the first day of your senior year, and so…breakfast!” Lili sat down at the table and dug into her breakfast.

“I made it for both of your sisters on their first day,” her mother added, and Lili dimmed a little at that.

“And here I thought I was special,” she said quietly, but continued to eat.

Lili thought of her two sisters. Lili missed Penelope, since Olivia was always training with Dad the other two girls formed a tight bond. Penelope was such an amazing sister, she was a year older than her. She graduated last year, and left several weeks ago to attend university in Chicago. Penelope wanted to become a doctor.

Lili fully supported her sisters dream, Lili knew Penelope would become a doctor someday. Penelope was very smart, she was also drop dead gorgeous. Every male in the pack wanted her, but the best part was Penelope was completely ignorant to the states. Penelope was so focused on her schooling she ignored most men.

Lili wished she was more like her sister, hell everyone wanted to be like Penelope. Penelope was fiercely loyal to her. Penelope wouldn’t let anyone bully her at school. That’s why she was so terrified of going to school today. It would be the first time she was away from her sisters protection.

Lili finished eating her breakfast, and said goodbye to her mother.

“Have a good first day of school sweetheart.”

Lili went outside, and got in her old car. Then she drove to school. It’s a quick five minute drive since our pack is large enough to have their own school just outside packlands. She pulled up to the school and got out her old car. Her dad won’t let her get a new one. He told her mom since she is not a warrior, or training to be one she don’t deserve a car. However, her mom refused to back down she was worried about her being sick and away from home. So Lili got this old rust bucket.

Lili walked into the school, and headed to her locker. The school emailed her class schedule, locker number, and combination. Lili walked to her locker, and got ready for her first class period. She was putting her notebooks in the locker when suddenly some one slapped them out of her hands.

“Hey fatty.”