Chapter 7 - The Rejected Omega And The Werewolf King

Rowan POV (Lindsey's Father)

I hung up the phone and yelled at Beth. "Get your ass in the car, we're going to go pick up Lindsey from detention. That was the principal, she was late to school again" I spat out disgusted.

This daughter of mine was such a pain in the ass. I cursed the day I agreed to be the one to raise her.

Beth stood up hurriedly and quickly made her way out to the car, opening the passenger side and climbing in while I strode to the driver's side and slammed the door open, hopping in and slamming the door shut. I was furious. I had better things to do than to deal with this and Lindsey would know it too. I didn't care that she'd been punished by the Luna last night and that was the reason she was late, I cared that she was becoming like her mother. Not that Lindsey knew that, she knew nothing about her mother and I'd purposely made sure of that. Corrine was a part of the past I would prefer to forget, but every time I looked