Chapter 4 - The Rejected Omega And The Werewolf King

Derek's POV

Today was a good day. But any day that is spent tormenting that pathetic piece of crap Lindsey is a good day. God, I despise her. How the moon goddess could have made such a big mistake as to make that worthless omega my mate I'll never know. Thank god she doesn't feel the mate bond, being that she's not yet eighteen and shifted yet. I would have rejected her but where's the fun in that? As it is the stupid girl probably feels the pain when I'm with Tiffany and has no idea where the pain comes from or why she's feeling it. I take a great sense of satisfaction from that. I remember the look on her face today as we ambushed her by the locker, kicking her and hitting her. She looked so lost and my wolf was upset with me, trying to take over but I wouldn't let him. Aries might not want me to hurt her but I did and I wouldn't let my wolf get in the way. I hardened my heart and did what had to be done.

Now I was back home in the pack house. I had my own room on the top floor, as befitting the soon-to-be Alpha and I knew that little minx was out there somewhere cleaning. I could smell her scent. She smelt like strawberries and cream. It was intoxicating and with every sniff of it, it made me even angrier, even as I became aroused by it, my wolf purring in my mind. I couldn't help myself, slowly undressing myself, the clothes dropped carelessly on the floor, climbing onto the bed, the sheet pulled up over my hips. I was just about to begin touching myself when there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I called out in exasperation. Talk about a buzzkill I thought, looking down at myself. I sniffed and grinned as I realized it was her scent I could smell outside the door.

Then I heard her voice, muffled, through the door. "It's Lindsey. Luna Chelsea sent me to clean your bathroom" and I chuckled mischievously to myself.

"Come in" I called and waited, as she opened the door, came in, and then paused, her eyes as wide as saucers. I hadn't bothered to dress myself and was still naked in the bed, the sheet barely covering my hips.

"Like what you see?" I asked with a grin, watching her swallow hard. She said nothing, pushing past me towards the bathroom and beginning to clean without a sound. I sighed disappointedly at her reaction. That just wouldn't do I thought to myself, Aries getting angry at me in my mind. I had to put up a block to tune his protests out.

How dare she ignore me? I knew she could feel the mate bond a little on some level. I slowly pulled the sheet away. There, let's see her ignore that I thought to myself with a vicious grin. Sure enough, she finished cleaning and came back out, her eyes shot to mine, looking horrified, her face going pale, her feet not moving from the carpet. I stretched out, my hard-on jutting out proudly. I swear her eyes dipped to look at it. I smirked.

"I bet you wish you could have this," I said with a small nod, looking down at myself, satisfied as I saw her pale even further. She shook her head but still seemed to be paralyzed, none of her limbs moving. God she was hot, I thought, distracted by her pale lips and imagining them around my cock. I shuddered.

My hand grasped my shaft and Lindsey gaped as I began to move it up and down at a slow pace, torturing her but more importantly torturing myself for part of me was desperate to have her, even though I hated the thought that she was a lowly omega.

"I bet you've never even been fucked" I whispered, my eyes turning dark as I looked at her with lust. She better not have been with anyone I thought with anger. But as far as I knew Lindsey had been saving herself for her mate, which was ironic considering it was me and she had no idea. I was sure she was still a virgin. She sure as hell acted like one. I, on the other hand, was well practiced in the arts of sexual prowess thanks to several girlfriends and my current girlfriend Tiffany but it never seemed to satiate the hunger I had for her, for Lindsey. Not that I ever lit it slip to Tiffany. She'd kill me if she ever found that out.

I found myself asking her. "Have you Lindsey?" I asked gruffly, needing to know "Have you ever been fucked?"

She shook her head slowly, her eyes staring into mine, unable to look away as I stared intently at her.

My hand began to pump a little faster now, the pressure a little harder. It was intense and she seemed mesmerized by it.

"What about masturbation" I whispered, my breathing heavy and ragged, my body moving, my hips thrusting back and forth as I used my hand to masturbate with myself.

Again she shook her head. God, she was so innocent, so pure and so naive. I could tell she wanted to leave, her eyes beginning to flicker between myself and the door. She began to take a step and my eyes glared at her. She didn't get to walk away until I told her to leave and that was when I was finished with her.

"Don't move" I barked in an Alpha tone and she was forced to stay still, forced to watch me as I masturbated.

"Please" she whispered in a trembling voice, tears pricking the corners of those big brown eyes of hers., "let me go" she pleaded huskily.

I ignored her pleas. I shook my head, a wicked grin on my face. "You get to watch me" I snarled and began to move my hand even faster. She tried to move her face and my eyes shot to hers. "Watch me" I barked in an alpha tone, not caring about her misery or how badly she wanted out of the room, and she was helpless to do anything but what I commanded of her. I was willing to bet that she was hoping somebody would come into the room and save her. As if. Nobody dared enter this room unless it was the Luna herself or Alpha Damian. So she was fresh out of luck.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked again. I was really getting off on her misery.

"No," she said thickly and hastily, denying it.

"Liar" I laughed. "I can sense your arousal from here" I growled, sniffing the air and sensing it.

She cringed in embarrassment, her juices flowing.

"I can smell your sweet juices" I continued triumphantly as she flinched. My hand began to furiously pump, her eyes are drawn to my cock as it begins to twitch slightly.

"You know what your problem is" I snapped heatedly, unable to help myself, full of rising anger and of course rising pleasure that was reaching intolerable levels, "You're so damn innocent Lindsey, so damn virtuous. Like your better than everyone else."

She looked like she was ready to protest but I wasn't finished, my hand still furiously pumping away.

"God, just being near you kills me" I moaned "and you have no fucking clue, that's the rub" I snapped. "God, I despise you" I continued bitterly, still thrusting my hand back and forth, my head beginning to move back as my eyes rolled to the back of my head "sweet, kind Lindsey. You're nothing but a damn doormat. A worthless, piece of shit. You'll never amount to anything" I vented.

Tears pricked the corners of her eyes and began to trail down her cheeks. I felt a sense of triumph as my body stiffened and I spilled my seed all over my hand and onto my sheet. I quietly grabbed a tissue and began to wipe up the mess, cleaning my hand and glaring at a stunned-looking Lindsey who didn't know what to do. Before I could say anything more or even move toward her, the door burst open and Luna Chelsea burst in, glancing between us both.

"What on earth" she exclaimed and then she strode over to Lindsey, grabbed hold of her hair, and began to drag her away as she frantically tried to keep up. "How dare you try to seduce the soon-to-be Alpha" she hissed.

Say what now? As if I thought to myself indignantly. Lindsey wishes she could seduce me I thought calmly watching as she was dragged out of my bedroom.

I sighed and then glanced at the bathroom. It was immaculate, not that I expected anything less but now all the cleaning items she'd used had been left behind. I'd have to flag down another omega to come get them or take them down myself. I was about to put some pants on when Tiffany knocked on the door, a wide smile on her face. Clearly, she'd seen Lindsey being dragged away and enjoyed the show.

"I saw Lindsey" she commented, ogling my bare chest and practically salivating over me while I preened "man Luna Chelsea is pissed. What did she do?"

I smirked. "She got caught in the room while I was naked and the Luna assumed she was trying to seduce me" I shrugged "I was just getting changed," I said drily "while she was cleaning the bathroom."

"Oh," said Tiffany slowly "why get changed while she was in here though?". Her tone was suspicious.

"I felt like it," I said calmly "is there a problem Tiffany" I added, shooting her a haughty look. Was she questioning me?

At my look, she swallowed hard and shook her head. "No Derek there isn't. Sorry" she said sheepishly and I just nodded.

She came up to me and trailed a finger up and down my chest. "I um," she said quietly "could think of something we could do together" she suggested seductively, hooking another finger beneath the elastic waistband of my pants.

I sucked in a breath. I had just spilled my seed but already my erection was back. Tiffany grazed it with her fingers, licking her lips. "Is that for me" she whispered.

I grinned and pulled her towards the bed, shutting the door with my foot. I suspected that with Lindsey ensconced in the dungeon, the Luna wouldn't be coming back to my room anytime soon. I pulled my pants off, freeing my member which Tiffany cupped in her hands, her long silky hair over her shoulder, her blue eyes blinking up at me.

"I want to taste you" she whispered, and before I could say anything she had guided me into her mouth, inch by delicious inch, until she had taken me in completely, before bobbing her head up and down my shaft as I gasped from the sheer pleasure.

"Fuck Tiffany" I moaned as she grinned, enthusiastically mouth fucking me "you keep this up and I'll spill my load in your mouth."

She continued to move her head back and forth, as my hands moved behind her head, entwining themselves in her luscious hair. I began to move my hips back and forth in time with her, Tiffany moaning in enjoyment. She had always liked giving me oral, whereas a lot of other girls I had dated had despised it.

The only thing was that as I glanced down at her, it wasn't Tiffany I saw giving me a blow job but Lindsey in my mind's eye. It was Lindsey that I saw with her mouth around my cock moving back and forth, her pale lips sucking on me. Lindsey who was bobbing back and forth enthusiastically, her long brown hair cascading over her shoulders, her big brown eyes staring up at me. I gave a low growl which only encouraged Tiffany to suck even harder, her hands moving up and down my shaft as well, until I gave a shudder, my body stiffening as I came hard in her mouth. She swallowed, looking pleased while I groaned out loud, having spilled my seed for a second time in less than an hour while imagining I was with Lindsey.