Chapter 4 - The Forgotten Mate and The Alpha Prince

The snow lay like a white carpet on the tree-capped mountains that surrounded the Royal Crescent Moon Pack. Prince Asher rolled the giant ball of snow, helped by his niece Zoe, future Alpha of his sister Phoenix and her mate Teo’s Montseny pack. His nephew and niece Challan and Catalina were busy having snowball fights, the three-year-olds squealing with joy when they hit his sister Princess Rebecca. His heart filled with joy, it was unusual to find Becca enjoying life, like she once had.

The triplets had arrived early in the morning, eager to play in the soft snow. They did not have much chance to enjoy the winter weather living in Spain, so when his mother Queen Chloe had rung his older sister Phoenix, he knew it would not take the triplets long to arrive.

“Bigger!” Zoe ordered, making Asher laugh and nod his head. She was going to make a strong alpha when her time came, that was for sure.

“Asher, your mother wants to see you.”

King Zander shouted to his eldest son, as he made his way towards him, only to be hit by a barrage of snow from Challan and Catalina, both giggling and cheering that their small snowballs had made purchase on the king’s face.

“I need to see Nana.” Asher smiled, ruffling the black hair of his niece, as she pouted her displeasure.

“Come on Zoe, Granddad will help you. We will make this the biggest snowman that ever was made.” Zander chuckled, taking over the rolling of the giant ball.

Asher kicked the snow from his boots, as he entered the white packhouse, that served as the royal residence.

“Hamish, where is mam? Is she still upstairs with Phoenix?” he asked his younger brother, who was, as always sitting with his nose in a book.

“Nope, they came down. She is in her office, both Phoenix and Teo are with her,” Hamish answered without looking up.

Asher nodded, and headed to the Queen’s office, knocking on the door, before entering.

“Hey, what’s up?” Asher asked, before taking a seat on the long white sofa at the side of the room.

Phoenix his adopted sister glanced over to him, whilst sitting on her mate’s lap, a knowing smile on her face, which probably meant one thing only. He was not going to like why he was summoned.

“I had a vision.” Chloe the Queen informed her son.

“Okay.” Asher frowned, his mother’s visions were scarily accurate, however, they only came when the timing was right, not a moment before, or after.

Asher had experienced a lesser form of the prophetic gifting, but he had no control over it, and the utterances he received were few and far between.

“Your trip south, I want you to visit the Matlock pack, before any other. I know they were last on your list, but you must visit them before they expect. Oh, and you should remain with them for four nights.” Chloe said.

“Any reason why?” Asher asked.

“They are hiding something, and you will see when you get there.” Chloe gave him a half-smirk.

“Not going to tell me anything more than that?” Asher asked with a shake of his head, already knowing the answer.

“Nope now is not the time. All will be revealed. I would suggest you set off tomorrow.” Chloe advised with another smile.

Asher loved his mother, they shared the same sense of humour, and mischievousness. For all, he was tall at 6 foot 7 and looked the image of his father, with black hair and amber eyes, in personality he was identical to the Queen.

“Good luck Bro.” Phoenix grinned at Asher, as he shook his head, wondering what his sister knew or didn’t know at this point.

“I was thinking…” Asher began only to be interrupted by his sister.

“I thought I could smell burning wood,” Phoenix laughed.

Rolling his eyes at his older sister, Asher shook his head with a small smile on his handsome face.

“After I finish my royal duties, and this pack tour, I might come over to Montseny if that is okay with you Teo?” Asher asked his brother-in-law.

“Always, see if you can convince Rebecca to come as well,” Teo suggested.

Asher sighed, Rebecca had hardly been back to the Montseny pack, since the day of the big battle just over three years ago. That day had left its scars, on all of them.

“Oh, and Cheryl and Andrew asked if they could join you,” Chloe added nonchalantly, but something inside Asher quickly discerned that this was not their request but under the instructions of his mother.

“If you say so Mam, we all know you know something, and I am going to need the pack councilor and retired doctor with me.” Asher shrugged, shaking his head.

Chloe grinned at her son and shrugged her shoulders.

“You may think that. I cannot possibly comment.” She replied, but the teasing in her eyes did not fully mask her concern.

Asher frowned slightly but knew better than to push for answers, if his mother believed it was not time for him to know what she had seen, then he trusted her completely. All would soon be revealed. Chapter Four – The Forgotten Mate of the Future King