Chapter 10 - The Forgotten Mate and The Alpha Prince

The closer Dr. Andrew drove the black range rover towards the Matlock pack. The more unsettled Max, Asher’s wolf became.

“What’s up buddy?” Asher asked his wolf who was pacing in his head.

“I don’t know, I feel happy, yet enraged at the same time. I cannot put my finger on it.” Max answered.

“Yeah, I feel something is off with this pack. Probably why Mam sent us early. They better not be treating their omegas like slaves, else all hell will let loose.” Asher agreed with his wolf.

“I don’t know, but something is off. My advice is for you to be serious about this visit. No pranking or mucking about.” Max warned his human counterpart.

“We are on official royal duties. I wasn’t going to prank anyone, or muck about anyway. I am not that stupid!” Asher retaliated, for all he was mischievous, his wolf was more like Caesar, his dad’s wolf, and was a lot more serious than he was.

“I never know, with you!” Max quibbled