Chapter 10 - The Dark Alpha's Light


My eyes lingered on the door after Lenore left the office with Mother and Mina. Her scent still hung in the air, and my heart thumped against my chest. I shook my head and tried to concentrate on the papers in front of me. I stand up and walk around the office. I wind up staring out the window that overlooks the driveway. I had mind-linked my driver to drive the ladies around. I watch Lenore exit the house with Mother and Mina and slide into the limo. The limo drives off, and I can’t help but watch. A knock on the door makes me jump slightly.

“Come in,” I snarl.

The door opens, and Gamma Frederick walks in and stands at attention in front of my desk. I turn to him.

“What is it, Gamma?” I ask in a low tone as I step towards him.

“Alpha, I found alcohol in the rooms of three warriors,” He reports.

“And?” I fold my arms