Chapter 5 - The Alpha's Feisty Mate

Alpha Drake POV

I woke up feeling tired and unsatisfied. There was a beautiful, naked, red-headed she-wolf sleeping next to me. Usually, she knows exactly what turns me on, but last night. It just wasn’t happening.

My wolf Devon seemed distracted the past few days and won’t stop pacing in my head. It’s distracting. When I ask him what his problem is, he just tells me he’s got a feeling something is going to happen but doesn’t know what. He’s starting to get on my nerves.

One thing I really hate is when random she-wolves sleep in my bed. I’ve made it very clear that there is no relationship with any she-wolf that I get involved with. It’s strictly sex, meaning I don’t want anyone getting clingy and thinking they have a chance at becoming my Luna. It’s just not happening. Yet still, this morning is the perfect example of how they never listen. This redhead should have left my room after we finished our activities last night. Instead, she stayed and slept in my bed. I know it’s her way of trying to lay a claim on me.

“You know, I’ve told you before, you are not welcome to sleep in my bed. Why are you still here?” I asked the red-headed she-wolf named Jill that just woke up. I’m irritated at this point that she’s still here.

“Alpha, I figured you might want a little morning fun before your busy day starts,” she seductively said while wrapping her hands around my neck and kissing along my jawline.

At this point, I was even more irritated with her. Like, get the hint, woman, I’m not interested. I can’t deny it, though. Her perky little breasts and hard pink nipples looked so tempting right now. They were at attention, calling to be nipped and sucked on.

‘Ok big guy, get rid of her. There’s stuff going on we need to attend to.’ My wolf, Devon, grumbly barks at me in my head. He disapproves of me taking any she-wolves into my bed that is not our mate. Devon is a die-hard believer in waiting for her, even though I’ve told him I don’t want a mate.

With a sigh, I tell Jill to get her clothes and leave my room. She protested slightly with a heavy sigh and a pout on her bottom lip but didn’t dare challenge me as her Alpha. “Good girl,” I thought to myself. She’s clingy, but at least she knows I’m her Alpha, and she obeys me without question.

After Jill left my room, I dragged myself into the washroom and turned on the shower. I’ve got an irritatingly uncomfortable erection in my boxers that needs to simmer down a tad before I can leave my room. A cold shower should take care of that. I thought to myself as I stepped into the uncomfortably cold water. I started thinking of all the rogue attacks that have been happening across all the packs, especially the Blood Moon pack. They seemed to be getting hit harder.

The attacks just don’t make sense. Rogues usually work alone, but the last three attacks have been groups of rogues working together to accomplish whatever task they were trying to accomplish. It's almost like they are forming their little pack of rogues.

It’s still unclear what they want. Thankfully, we haven’t lost any pack members, but the rogues are becoming more and more brazen by entering deeper into my territory. We need to put an end to it.

As I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist, I thought back to the conversation I had last night with Alpha Blain of the Blood Moon Pack.

Alpha Blain had informed me of the most recent attack on his pack yesterday afternoon. He told me that there were five rogues, and they attacked his daughter, Isabella, and the Beta’s daughter, while the girls were out for a run in the woods.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Alpha Blain had said, that the rogues were looking for something. Alpha Blain, who is usually a very collected and calm Alpha, came across on the phone as frazzled and concerned,

I guess that’s understandable since his daughter and another little she-wolf faced off against five rogues. I asked him how the girls came out with minimal injuries, but he was just ranting. I never got a real answer out of him. I figured Pack patrol probably stumbled upon the girls and saved the day.

We need to come up with a plan and put an end to these attacks.

I grabbed a pair of loose, low-cut jeans from my walking-in closet and a tight black v-neck T-shirt and got dressed.

While I’m getting dressed, I mind-link my Beta, Jared, to meet me in my office.

Once I’m dressed and ready for the day, I make my way to my office. My office is big but pretty simple. It consisted of a large mahogany desk in the middle of the room, a large swivel chair behind the desk, and two leather chairs on the other side of the desk. A comfy three-person leather couch is positioned against one wall, on the other far wall there’s a cozy wood fire place with a soft fur rug in front of the fire and behind my desk sits several shelves filled with books.

I enter my office and sat behind my desk. I started going through documents before I heard a knock at the door.

“Come in” I announced without looking up from the documents I was reading.

I heard the door creek open and looked up to find my Beta, Jared, grinning at me.

“You called for me, Boss?” He asked while plopping in the chair across from me.

Jared has been my best friend since we were kids. We are extremely close and I trust him with my life. He’s also one of the only people that can talk to me like I’m just one of the guys, without being punished for it. I respect and welcome his opinions on most matters.

“Ya Jared, I can’t stop thinking about my phone call with Alpha Blain.” I said while deep in thought.

“Ya I get that, for some reason the Blood Moon pack seems to be getting the worst of the attacks.” Jared said while running his hands through his messy dark blond hair. He had a thoughtful look on his face.

Jared is 24 years old, He’s 6’4 and has dark blond hair that’s longer on the top and shorter on the sides. He's got emerald coloured eyes and is built like a tank. Like really, the guy is all muscle. I’m pretty sure he spends the biggest chunk of his days picking things up and putting them down. I’m not judging, just saying the guy is a beast. Having said that, he is fiercely loyal and despite his tough look he’s got a soft gentle heart and desperately wants to meet his true fated mate.

Unlike myself, I have no real interest in my true mate. I’m quite content with my meaningless sexual encounters. I don’t need a Luna to rule by my side, I’m doing fine on my own.

I’m 25 years old, 6’6 with dark blue eyes. I’m pretty muscular and covered with tattoos on both arms, my chest, back and some creeping up onto my neck. My hair is black and sits right around ear length. I’ve heard some of the ladies call me “sexy” before but who knows if that’s because of my title or my looks. Either way I don’t really care.

“I’m still confused how the Alpha and Beta’s daughters walked away from the latest attacked without any major injuries?” I said looking at Jared. Jared just shrugged his shoulders.

“probably patrol stumbled upon the attack and saved the day.” He said without a second thought.

“Well, we are suppose to be heading to the Blood Moon pack in less then a week, to discuss these attacks.” I remind Jared and he nodded.

“My wolf has been badgering me the past few days, he’s been restless and seems to have a fascination with the Blood Moon Pack. He wants me to head to the meeting early.” I told Jared with a frustrated sigh.

Jared looked at me with raised eyebrows. “What’s got you so concerned with the Blood Moon pack and their business?” Jared asked with curiosity.

With a heavy sigh, while rubbing my hands down my face, “ I don’t know, but my stupid mutt won’t let me rest until I go there.” I said to Jared with obvious frustration in my tone.

Jared chuckled and shook his head. “Sounds like Devon.” He laughed before continuing.

“Well if you need me to hold down the fort here for a few days while you meet with Alpha Blain, I’m ok with that.” Jared said with sincerity in his voice.

“I think, i’m going to get everything in order here and then take a few warrior and gamma Erik with me to the Blood Moon Pack.” I said before continuing. “I don’t know how long I’ll be, but it should only be a couple of days.” I reassure Jared.

Jared had a smirk on his face when he said “Take all the time you need boss. Your wolf, Devon seems to be on a one man mission and god knows where that might lead you.” Jared said still smirking.

I just rolled my eyes at Jared as I mind-linked my Gamma, Erik, to meet us in my office.

Within 10 minutes there was a knock at the door. “Come in” I said.

The door opened and my Gamma , Erik, walked in. He flops himself down in the leather chair next to Jared before giving me his attention.

Erik, is 22 years old, 6’2 , with brown short hair and green eyes. Erik is also build like a tank. Erik has a care free attitude, he’s the kind of guy that always views the glass as half full rather than half empty in every scenario life throws his way. He is also one of my best friends and someone I trust with my life.

Erik hasn’t found his mate yet and is indifferent to the idea. He finds plenty of pleasure and release with local she-wolves, he’s not sure a mate would be able to surpass those interactions or be able to single handedly satisfy his sexual needs. I don't blame him, I often think the same thing.

“Erik buddy, you and I are heading to the Blood Moon pack tomorrow with a couple of warriors.” I told him and he looked at me with a curious expression on his face.

“I thought the Alpha meeting wasn’t until next week?” Erik asked.

“Well, his Wolf seems to have found himself with a bit of a fascination with that pack and won’t let our poor boss settle until they go.” Jared replied to Erik with a smirk.

Erik chuckled. “I see. Well then I’ll be ready to depart first thing in the morning.” He replied with a smirk of his own eyeing me with curiosity.

I know it’s useless trying to defend my motives. Nothing about my action at the moment make sense. The only thing that’s clear is that my wolf won’t leave me alone till he reaches Blood Moon pack territory. After that he better back off or else, I thought to myself.

Jared and Erik eventually leave my office, so I can make the arrangement for tomorrows trip.

I call Alpha Blain and advise him of my decision to come to his territory before the Alpha meeting that was scheduled for next week. Alpha Blain sounded surprised, but also seemed appreciative with the offer to help. He didn’t hesitate in granting me access to his territory.

Packs tend to be territorial and don’t often accept other wolves onto pack land without a legitimate reason.

This threat though, is a problem for all the surrounding packs and I have no doubt that we will all work together until the threat is eliminated.

Once I was done getting everything In order for my upcoming travels, I made my way to my bedroom so I could pack a bag.

While on my way to my room, I found Jill, leaning against my bedroom door, wearing nothing but a shear black thigh length robe and red stilettos. She had her back leaning against the door and her legs were crossed.

When she spotted me approaching, she untied the belt holding her robe closed and as the belt came undone her robe fell open, revealing that she was naked underneath. Her perky breast were on full display and her pink nipples were hardened and ready for my mouth. Her well trimmed pussy was also on full display and I could smell her arousal. Werewolves have a strong sense of smell, giving us the advantage to detect such things.

Although Jill looked tempting at the moment, my head just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve got packing to do for my upcoming trip and a crazed wolf grumbling nonsense in my head giving me a headache.

“Jill not now.” I tell her with a harsh tone.

“But Alpha, you never got your release last night, I thought I could help you with that now.” She seductively said while rubbing her hands up and down my chest.

“Jill enough! Go away!” I used my Alpha aura so she couldn’t resist.

Jill bowed her head to the side submissively and didn’t dare say anything further. She tied up her robe and walked away. Disappointment clear on her face.

I walked into my room and locked the door, ensuring Jill or any other crazy she-Wolves wouldn’t try intruding in my personal space again today.

I pulled out my travel bag and packed enough clothes to last me a few days. I’m still not sure how long I’ll be staying, so I packed extra just incase.

‘Let’s go for a run’ my wolf Devon said in my head, clearly anxious for this trip.

‘Ya, you know what, I could use a little fresh air.’ I replied.

As I’m making my way out of the pack house I’m stopped by Elder Dan.

“Alpha Drake, it’s a pleasure to see you.” Elder Dan greeted me.

“You as well Elder Dan.” I replied.

“I heard about the most recent attack on the Blood Moon Pack. What a shame.” He said while shaking his head.

“I’m heading to their territory tomorrow to discuss these attacks with their Alpha. We need to figure out what the rogues are after.” I said.

“Well I heard through the grape vine, this is completely unverified information, but that they aren’t after an item, but rather a person.” Elder Dan said before continuing. “I’m sorry that’s not much help, but I wanted to mention it so that you aren’t solely thinking of materialistic items Alpha.” He said offering me a small smile.

“I didn’t think about that Elder Dan, your absolutely right. They could be after anything and that includes a person, but who and for what purpose?” I asked but was mostly wondering to myself.

“Well Alpha, if I hear anything further I’ll make sure to be In touch. I must be on my way now. Safe travels Alpha.” He finished saying with a pat on my shoulder.

“Thank you.” I reply with a nod and a small smile.

I continue my walk to the tree line deep in thought about what Elder Dan said. Who could they possibly want? If they’ve been attacking Blood Moon pack the most frequently, I wonder if its something or someone from that pack?

I continue to rack my brain while I undressed and pile my clothes to the side of a tree. I then shifted into my large black wolf. It only takes seconds to transform. The more times you do it, the faster it becomes. The first couple times In your life when you shift it’s painful, but for me now, it just feels like I’m cracking my knuckles. It’s almost satisfying.

I give control to Devon and he takes off like a bat out of hell through the trees. After a half hour of running around we come across a rabbit. Wolves being predators love a good hunt. This is the perfect prey for Devon to let his instincts take over.

Devon crouched low to the ground watching the rabbit, being so quiet that the rabbit didn’t notice the wolf stalking behind him.

Before the rabbit even knew what was happening Devon pounced and with one quick snap of the neck, the rabbit fell to the ground, lifelessly. We never kill just for sport, we eat what we kill and we make the kill fast, torturing our prey is not our style.

Devon devours his fresh rabbit meal before we make our way back to where we left our clothes. I shifted back to my human form and got dressed, feeling satisfied with our little run in the forest.

On my way back to the pack house, I stop at the training field where some of the warriors were currently training.

I approach the head warrior, Trey and Inform him about my trip to the Blood Moon Pack scheduled for tomorrow. I told him that I needed three of his warriors for the trip.

“Make sure they are waiting by the front of the pack house at 6:00am tomorrow morning, Trey.” I said.

“Yes Alpha. Anything else?” Trey asked.

“Yes Trey, there was another attack on the Blood Moon pack territory yesterday. Make sure to up our patrol numbers for the time being. Who knows when and who they plan on attacking next.” I told him.

“Yes Alpha, I’m on it.” Trey replied and nodded to me.

I nodded back and continued on my way back to the pack house.

The rest of the day went by without a hitch. I was satisfied that everything relating to my pack was in order and I could leave without worrying. I know Beta Jared can handle the place while I’m gone.

I head up to my room and call it a night.

The following morning I wake up and hop in the shower, once I was done I got dressed in a pair of low hanging denim jeans and a black button up dress shirt. I rolled up the sleeves to my elbows and slip on my black shoes. I run my fingers through my wet hair to slick it back a little.

I mind-Link Jared to meet me in my office.

I made my way to my office and find Beta Jared already waiting in a chair in front of my desk.

“Morning Jared.” I said with a small smile.

“Morning boss, everything set for your travels?” Jared asked.

“Ya, all is good, I really don’t want to leave, but hopefully it will be a short visit. We just need to figure what or who the rogues are after.” I told Jared.

“Who? Oh. For some reason I assumed they were looking for an item.” Jared replied thoughtfully.

“Ya I did too, but after running into Elder Dan yesterday, I’m not sure anymore.” I replied honestly.

“Well Jared I know you got everything under control here. Just make sure your not banging any she-wolves on my desk, I don’t need that smell in the air when I get back.” I told him half serious, half joking.

Jared just chuckled and said “I’ll do my best, but no promises.”

I shoot him a pointed look before making my way to the front doors of the pack house.

There were two Black SUV’s parked out front beside the three warriors and my Gamma, Erik, everyone was ready to go. I give them all a nod before I hop into the passenger seat of the first waiting SUV, Erik got into the driver seat. The three warriors piled into the second SUV.

“Well let’s get this over with. The quicker we get there, the quicker we can come home.” I said to Erik with a bored sigh.

“You got it boss, it’s a couple hour trip. We should be there by lunch time.” Erik informed me before driving off.