Chapter 1 - Aaron: A Vampire Hunter's Tale Book 1

Killarney, Ireland, 1840

Kian O'Braonain was the best friend anyone in the world could ever have. He could run as fast as lightening, climb like a cat, and hit a bird with a stone from twenty yards. While Aaron seldom had a chance to play with his friend now that he was older and had more responsibility, his Ma usually didn’t mind if he walked home with Kian after mass, and the boys would spend several hours running around the base of Torc Mountain, tossing stones in the lake, or running through the village scaring the chickens and the cows.

Today was a bit different. Last night, there had been several taken from various homes around Killarney, and though the village was rather large as such towns went, the numbers were starting to dwindle. Not only were people being taken in the night by the Dark Ones, rumor had it that some of those who had been claimed were members of the Order, ones that were supposed to be left alone according to the agreement. Aaron heard the whispers, not only from the adults in his own home, but from behind hands in the market, in church, and as he and Kian made their way through the village. The weight of worry rested over Killarney like a woolen blanket, and despite their need to revel in the freedom of a few hours’ break from chores, Aaron did not feel like giving chase to his best friend that day.

“I suppose you’ve heard what they’re all whispering about,” Kian said, sitting down next to Aaron on a large stone which was part of the ruins of an ancient castle they often came to explore.

“Yeah,” Aaron muttered, his hands folded in front of him. “I’ve been hearing it for a while, but… do you think it’s true? The agreement is over?”

Kian shrugged. “I don’t know. I ne’er hear my ma or da say two words about it. All I know is what my grandma told me before she passed away—not to worry because I am of Hunter stock, whatever that implies.”

“Right,” Aaron nodded. He wasn’t sure either. “And my granddad insists we’ve nothing to worry about either. But I’m not so sure.”

Kian scratched the back of his blond head. Aaron had always thought it was odd that his hair was so fair. He didn’t look like many other people he knew. He wondered if that had anything at all to do with the agreement or the Hunter stock he spoke of. “I don’t suppose there’s much we can do about it anyway. I’ve heard that once they get ahold of you, all you can do is pray that God takes you good and quick.”

Aaron shuddered at the thought. “But what if they turn ya, and you don’t go to God right away? Then what?” he asked.

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